The American Construction Industry by Rock & Dirt (INFOGRAPHIC)

Explore our Infographic called “The American Construction Industry”.  You’ll learn the top 10 contractors in 2011 and many more interesting facts about the construction industry. Beginning with the current impact of the construction industry on GDP, jobs, spending, average industry pay, you will find out just how profitable the trucking industry is. And if you are looking for a job, we have provided you with the top 10 largest contractors in the US. This is good news as forecasters see the US continuing its trucking surge well into 2013. For example, did you know China is the world’s largest construction site and that the average annual pay for a construction worker in 2010 was $44,000? Another interesting fact is that Caterpillar equipment continues to remain as the number one heavy equipment manufacturer in the world.

Our construction infographic also briefs you on safety. Crane accidents are the most common types of accidents especially those working with electrical power lines.  So if you are curious about the state of construction in America, then take a moment to read and share the infographic with your friends.

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