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Soosan CSM, of Seoul, South Korea, has purchased the assets of Junjin CSM

Soosan CSM, of Seoul, South Korea, has purchased the assets of Junjin CSM, makers of hydraulic drills that have been imported to United States through its distribution company Junjin America, LLC – partnership between Larmee Equipment & Supply Co., Inc. and Junjin CSM. This partnership formed in 2013, for the distribution purposes, will now be Soosan America, LLC., based in Louisville, KY. Due to a great demand for these simple and reliable Rock Commander machines, Soosan decided to make an investment in rock drills manufacturing of the Rock Commander based on current North American success and sales penetration.

The Soosan rebranding will not affect the current product offerings. The Rock Commander series of drills will remain unchanged. Sales, parts distribution, and marketing campaigns will continue from Soosan America, LLC., located in Louisville, Kentucky. In the near future, there may be a second line of drills available through Soosan along with the continued availability of the Rock Commander line. Larmee Equipment & Supply Co., Inc. and Soosan CSM have both been in the rock drilling business for over 30 years each and are looking to continue this partnership for years to come serving the drillers and blasters of North America.





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