Rock & Dirt moves toward all-digital format

(Crossville, Tenn.)—Rock & Dirt, the buy/sell magazine that targets contractors and builders, and a pillar of heavy construction since 1950, will cease printing its magazine effective January 1, 2020. While the publication will no longer be in print, it will continue to offer its popular online marketplace at and will provide a full range of digital marketing services for construction companies.

Rock & Dirt en Español, the sister publication to Rock & Dirt that has been circulated in Latin America since 1992, will also cease printing.

“We live in a different world where people consume information digitally,” said Dave Sojka, publisher. “So we have totally reimagined our brand, unleashing the power of digital for buyers and sellers of heavy equipment and construction products and services.”

Rock & Dirt and Rock & Dirt en Español are published by the Cosby Harrison Company (CHC, formerly TAP Publishing Company). Over their 69-year and 27-year existence, respectively, Rock & Dirt and Rock & Dirt en Español have become the definitive resources for heavy construction buyers and sellers worldwide. Rock & Dirt’s website was launched in 1997, while the website for Rock & Dirt en Español was launched in 1999.

The publisher said that ever-evolving technological changes give rise to innovation for Rock & Dirt. The magazine’s move toward eliminating print and going all-digital, he added, will allow it to focus its time and resources on growing and making the digital experience the best it can be for both buyers and sellers in the construction industry.

Rock & Dirt and Rock & Dirt en Español will continue to offer their mainstay web offerings such as company profiles and inventory lists, boosted social media posts, direct email campaigns, and Smart Campaigns using Google Ads, as well as services such as expanded social marketing, website development and search marketing. Rock & Dirt’s website,, is currently undergoing a complete redesign and will be launched soon.

Rock & Dirt will continue offering select print items as part of its marketing services including direct mail, catalogs, booklets and brochures mailed directly to the company’s construction database.

“We can help customers with all of their marketing,” said Sojka, “from competitive analysis and strategic planning; to content, web design and search marketing; to social media, email, multi-media and direct mail with analytics that measure the overall success of their marketing efforts. We are a full-service marketing agency.”

Rock & Dirt and Rock & Dirt en Español have a diverse team of talented professionals including sales, administration, strategists, IT, programmers, web designers, content writers and graphic artists. While based in Crossville, Tenn., the company has recently expanded from its home office to locations in Tulsa, Okla., and Nashville, Tenn.

Sojka said Rock & Dirt’s new business model will highlight the value that its online marketplace and other services possess, and it will capitalize on their ability to connect buyers and sellers in new, innovative ways. Enhanced marketing features will allow the company’s sales reps to prove, unequivocally, that Rock & Dirt’s marketplace drives results.

“Our company is going to continue operating with the same philosophy that has been the very foundation of our parent company’s business success since 1937,” concluded Sojka. “We bring together buyers and sellers together in the most effective and efficient ways while always providing world-class customer service.”

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