Halrai of Quebec to Distribute Venturo® Cranes

Canadian equipment seller will deal in all Venturo cranes and logic controls

Venturo®, a leading producer of truck- and van-equipped cranes, has announced a new distribution partnership with Halrai of Quebec. This Canadian equipment dealer will distribute the entire line of Venturo products with a focus on fully-hydraulic cranes, including models equipped with Venturo Logic Controls (VLC™).

Halrai is the latest addition to Venturo’s portfolio of upfitters. Through the companies’ new agreement, customers in Quebec will have improved access to an array of light, moderate and heavy-duty crane applications, including building supply, construction, public works, mining, railroad and oil and gas.

“Quebec is an important marketplace for us, and we are looking forward to strengthening our relationships in the region through a respected local vendor,” said Tony Albanese, VP, Sales & Marketing, Venturo. “Halrai shares our dedication to quality and service, so we are confident that this newly minted relationship will be a huge success.”

A focus on heavy-duty cranes puts Halrai in a unique place among Venturo’s Canadian distributors, most of which prefer Electric Light Duty or Electric-Hydraulic Cranes. Venturo Hydraulic Cranes, the most powerful cranes the company has to offer, are Halrai’s priority.

Part of the standard package for these fully-hydraulic machines, the new VLC™ Crane Control Management System brings additional safety, control and reliability. This system offers safe, comfortable and smart crane operations by utilizing features like overload protection, a pistol-grip controller and visible safety alerts.

For more information on Venturo products, visit www.venturo.com or call 800-226-2238.

About Venturo Service Cranes

Venturo has created specialized high-caliber cranes for generations. Venturo brand cranes are rugged, tough, made in America and built to last. Venturo’s quality craftsmanship is backed by straight talk, real expertise and superior customer service.

Venturo Service Cranes are part of the product offering from Venco Venturo Industries LLC. Along with cranes, Venco Venturo produces Venco truck hoists. For more information about Venco Venturo’s complete line of truck-mounted cranes, crane bodies, hoists and accessories, visit www.venturo.com or call 800-226-2238.

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