The evolution of excavator control…

excavator controlBig advances on the horizon.  IDigBest’s latest Grade Assist system continues to be the leader in the excavator machine control market.  Operators are praising the system for it’s one-touch operations; fatigue reducing advances and confidence building finished project.  The combination of flat bucketing while holding grade are producing industry changing results.  Companies are seeing large improvements to the bottom line, due to fuel savings costs, reduced material costs, reduced hauling costs and most importantly, labor savings.

The system is easy to install, calibrate and learn.  The system has the flexibility to be fitted on any size, brand or age excavator.  Piloted or non-piloted machines.  The screen can be used in up to (10) different machines with (9) different buckets or tools per machine.

The latest advance is the integration of GPS to the system.  Collaboration with CHC has yielded a single antenna, built-in RTK with rover and surveying capabilities built into the excavator.  In conjunction with IDigBest’s plan builder software, plans can be sent via Bluetooth device straight to the hoe.  Transfer DXF files effortlessly or take a photo of plans and put into the system while sitting in the operators seat.  This gives the operator the freedom to layout, check survey, design plans, and make adjustments to plans, all in the field.

The future of heavy equipment technology is clear.  Grade assist, machine control, GPS, self-contained rover and survey capabilities, Plan Builder, depth-limiting guidance; the ultimate in job site control.  Join the IDIgBest revolution today!

You can view all of IDigBest’s Inventory online at Rock & Dirt. 

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