American Made Portable Line Boring Machines from J T Dixon Welding Service

NEW 2 Speed Larger Capacity Portable Line Boring Set, Model BB1600-HT, This set has a range from 2 to 8 inch Bores. Includes drive head, bars, cutters, measuring bars, and all setup components. Ships UPS ground. Made in USA

45 Years of Manufacturing

J T Dixon Welding Service started in 1973 designing and manufacturing equipment.  Since 1978 they have been using NC and CNC machine tools to manufacture quality products at affordable prices. Located at 1683 Creamton Drive, Pleasant Mount, PA 18453.

Affordable Quality Portable Line Boring Machines

They offer quality American Made Portable line boring machines at a price that a small contractor or repair shop can afford. 

Service and Support  

Their machines are designed and built to be used everyday, but priced so they don’t have to be. Their affordable portable line boring machine are manufactured in a way to provide long service, but remain priced competitively with foreign competition.

Located in Pennsylvania to provide service and spare parts if needed.

You can view all of J T Dixon Welding Service’s Inventory online at Rock & Dirt. 

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