New Cat® 14M3 Motor Grader Has New Integrated Technology Solutions, Larger Engine, Increased Fuel Efficiency, and Enhanced Features for Performance, Durability, and Safety

cm20150420-39742-53199The new Cat® 14M3 motor grader features a host of integrated technology solutions that increase operator efficiency, boost productivity levels and lower owning and operator costs. Building on the solid design of its predecessor model, the 14M3 takes advantage of a larger engine, increased fuel efficiency, improved machine balance, enhanced transmission performance, more powerful telematics and added operator safety/convenience features that make it the most productive motor grader in its size class.  The 14M3 also provides long term durability of major structures and improved serviceability to lower total costs.

Integrated technology solutions

The 14M3 features a full suite of integrated technology solutions that improve operator performance and productivity while reducing operating costs. The fully scalable, factory-integrated Cat GRADE with Cross Slope system allows operators to easily maintain desired cross slope by automatically controlling one side of the blade, ensuring the targeted slope is always met. 

cm20150420-39742-44499Using this system is even easier with the new, larger Message Display fully integrated into the front dash, providing better visibility to the cross slope performance screen and in direct line-of-sight to the blade. Now, whether using cross slope in the automatic mode or as manual indicate-only, operators have a clear view of critical slope information required during operation.

In conjunction with Cat GRADE with Cross Slope, the Cat Advanced Control Joysticks allow the operator to easily manipulate any Cat GRADE or AccuGrade™ blade control system while maintaining control of all other machine and implement functions. Cat Advanced Control Joysticks can also be configured for use with auxiliary functions, such as snow wing control, for more effective and safer snow removal operations. They come standard with Cat GRADE with  Cross Slope or can be ordered as a stand-alone attachment.

cm20160412-61626-55296The newly patented Stable Blade feature is the first-of-its-kind anti-bounce system for a motor grader. It detects and minimizes machine bounce by automatically controlling the throttle during operation, with no operator intervention required. The system helps eliminate rework, saving time and reducing fuel burn.  Auto Articulation combines two functions into one by automatically articulating with steering input, which improves maneuverability and performance in tight working spaces, enhances operator comfort and reduces fatigue.

The Cat Product Link™ telematics system allows remote monitoring of machine location, fuel usage, machine performance and fault codes via the secure VisionLink® user interface.

Premium features

A Cat C13 ACERT™ engine replaces the C11 used in the predecessor model, providing up to 8 percent more power and 8 percent more torque.  It features a standard ECO mode that boosts fuel economy by limiting high idle speed to 1,750 rpm in working gears, while still maintaining lugging power. The standard Variable Horsepower system is designed to effectively match power requirements in all gears, and the Consistent Power To Ground feature automatically changes engine power levels to compensate for cooling fan speed variations, resulting in consistent power delivery in all ambient temperatures and working conditions. The C13 ACERT engine is available in three versions to suit emissions standards in the area of use. All emissions solutions are transparent to the operator and do not interrupt working cycles.

cm20160503-39287-52987An engine over-speed protection system prevents downshifting at excessive ground speeds, and under-speed protection prevents engine stall by automatically downshifting the transmission at lower ground speeds, to allow engine recovery to peak torque levels.  The standard automatic differential lock disengages and re-engages automatically when threshold parameters are met, simplifying operation and protecting the power train.

The 8F/6R power-shift transmission has a wide operating range for application flexibility and maximum productivity. The Cat Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS) enhances gear-to-gear shifting, through improved software intelligence that maintains consistent torque and smooths out shift points.

The Shuttle Shift feature enables directional shifts without slowing engine speed or using the inching pedal, and an available Autoshift system allows programming shift points to best match requirements of specific applications.

Standard blade float feature allows the entire blade to follow the ground contour, or the toe of the blade can follow a hard surface, while the remaining cylinder is controlled manually. A 14-foot (4.3-m) moldboard is standard; a 16-foot (4.9-m) version is optional. A range of cutting edges and bits are available, as are a three-shank ripper, scarifier, and snow plow and snow-wing options.

Operator environment/safety

Operators will sit comfortably and safely in the new Cat Comfort Series seat with enhanced lumbar and thigh supports, optional heat and/or ventilation capability and an optional seat belt indicator.  Storage of necessary cargo is made easy with new and improved storage areas throughout the cab.  Large windows provide excellent all-around visibility, and the optional rearview camera enhances sight lines to the rear. The high-capacity HVAC system pressurizes and dehumidifies the cab for year-round comfort.

cm20160412-61626-51531Selectable blade-lift modes—fine, normal, and coarse—match blade control to the application, and the “Return-to-Center” system automatically restores straight-frame travel from any articulation angle.

Machine service

A series of patented, easily installed “top-adjust” metallic or nonmetallic wear strips ensure that drawbar-circle-moldboard components maintain a “factory-tight” condition that promotes high quality work and significantly reduces operating costs. The Metallic wear strips are recommended for heavier applications like quarry or mining where durability is key. An adjustable circle drive also assists in maintaining assembly tightness and further reduces service time and costs.

The 14M3 retains engine oil changes at 500-hour intervals and extends transmission and differential oil change intervals to 2,000 hours. Hydraulic fluid intervals are 6,000-hours with appropriate oil sampling analysis.

14M3 Product Specifications

Engine* Cat C13 ACERT VHP
Net power range, hp (kW) 238-285 (178-213)
Operating weight, lb. (kg) 57,250 (25 968)
Top fwd. speed, mph (kph) 31.4 (50.5)
Top rev. speed, mph (kph) 24.8 (39.9)

**The C13 is available in three emissions-compliant versions:
Tier 4-Final/Stage IV; Tier 3/Stage IIIA/China Non-Road Stage
II/Brazil MAR-1 Non-Road; and Tier 2/Stage II



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