Lowboy Trailer: Built to Haul

Throughout its life, the lowboy trailer—also known as a drop-deck trailer— has proven itself to be a valuable asset to trucking firms, and a common part of every heavy equipment hauler’s apparatus. The three most noteworthy aspects of this invaluable trailer are its design, multiple configurations, and low weight.

Typically, every piece of machinery presents some challenge in transportation. Whether this challenge is weight, length, width, or height, it must be surpassed for the equipment to be moved safely. The design of the lowboy trailer maximizes the size of the load deck while providing a low center of gravity essential for maneuvering a truck at considerable speed. With its low, nearly flat deck, a lowboy trailer gives its operator the choice of driving the machine straight up the ramps. After the machine is loaded either by hand or with machinery such as a crane, the trailer can then be raised up to fifth-wheel height. Although a traditional flatbed or hiboy is always at fifth wheel height, loading can only be done with a dock. If ramps are used to load a flatbed, both the trailer and the machine could tip, resulting in damage to the equipment and possible injury to the operator. With its low deck and proper kingpin height, the gooseneck possesses a dual nature shared with no other trailer. In addition, the gooseneck’s low deck allows it to fit under low bridges and underpasses with a load.
The versatility of the lowboy trailer is bolstered by its ability to be configured in many different combinations. By combining certain types of multi-axle gooseneck trailers with dollies and rear boosters, one can increase their payload capacity to weights in excess of 100 tons. At the same time, the removal of the dolly and booster reduces the weight of the combination and makes the same drop deck useful for low payload applications. In actuality, the weight of gooseneck trailers makes them a popular choice for heavy hauls and provides fuel savings, lower permit costs, and fewer incidences of fines.
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