Tompkins Trucks Dealer Profile

R&D: Tell us about your company’s history.

Tompkins Trucks: We started business in March 2016.

R&D: What type of machinery/trucks/trailers do you keep in inventory?

Tompkins Trucks: We deal in used trucks, primarily service trucks.

R&D: How does your used machinery/truck/trailer sales program fit in with the company’s other divisions?

Tompkins Trucks: We are a small company with four full-time employees and three part-time employees.

R&D: What are the sources of your used inventory?

Tompkins Trucks: We buy from individuals, mostly, but auction sales as well.

R&D: Tell us about your financing and warranty options:

Tompkins Trucks: We finance through brokers, but we do not offer warranties. 

R&D: What kind of buying experience can potential customers expect?

Tompkins Trucks: We recondition everything we sell, in order to get the trucks in good working condition. We strive to make our customers happy.

R&D: Do you take trades?

Tompkins Trucks: Yes, we do take trades.

R&D: How many locations does your company have and where are they located?

Tompkins Trucks: We only have one location in Chatham, VA.

R&D: What are some ways your dealership differs from most others?

Tompkins Trucks: We specialize in service trucks only. Most other dealerships offer a variety of trucks.

You can view all of Tompkins Trucks Inventory online at Rock & Dirt.  For more information about this company contact them at:

Tompkins Trucks
101 Climax Elementary Circle, Chatham, VA 24531
Phone: 434-421-3041

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