Hard Rock Equipment LLC Dealer Profile

R&D: Tell us about your company’s history.

Hard Rock: We developed from our first company, Glass Machinery Company Excavation  & Used Equipment, to handle sales on equipment and liquidation on used working equipment. Our primary mission as a company is to move inventory equipment that we house and buy for resale.  

R&D: What type of machinery/trucks/trailers do you keep in inventory?

Hard Rock: We keep a multitude of all heavy construction equipment.

R&D: How does your used machinery/truck/trailer sales program fit in with the company’s other divisions?

Hard Rock: Some of the machinery was purchased new to work on jobs that were for our excavation company which we turned over as a source for resale through Hard Rock Equipment LLC.

R&D: What are the sources of your used inventory?

Hard Rock: Most purchases come from real personal assets from our company Glass Machinery which we update / refurbish and sale through Hard Rock Equipment LLC.

R&D: Tell us about your financing and warranty options:

Hard Rock: All equipment is sold as is.  We do not carry or provide any type of financing.

R&D: What kind of buying experience can potential customers expect?

Hard Rock: We feel that we stand out with our mission statement because we do not sell anything that has any un-working issues or problems.  All machinery is work ready and all machinery has come from working jobs.

R&D: Do you take trades?

Hard Rock: Yes, according to the nature of the sale.

R&D: What other services and products do you offer?

Hard Rock: We offer refurbishing of equipment and repairs. We also do rebuilds.

R&D: Does your company offer parts? If so, tell us about what type of parts you offer:

Hard Rock: Through used parts services we have buying power through all manufacturers and are a great source for aftermarket options.

R&D: How many locations does your company have and where are they located?

Hard Rock: We have 2 locations that are operational 24 hours.  One is located at 27262 Wilderness Rd Ste 201, Jonesville, VA and the other is located in Coeburn, VA.

R&D: What are some mistakes you see machinery/truck/trailer buyers make?

Hard Rock: Based on our experience most people shop for price not value.  We strive to have our equipment operational at all times.

R&D: What else would you like potential buyers to know about your company?

Hard Rock: Our company is family owned and forthright.  You can expect us to deliver quality products that we ourselves would purchase.

R&D: Are you running any promotions this month?

Hard Rock: No we are not.  We take great pride that the equipment we sell.  It is what we say it is.

You can view all of Hard Rock Equipment LLC’s Inventory online at Rock & Dirt.  For more information about this company contact them at:

Hard Rock Equipment LLC
27262 Wilderness Rd Ste 201 – Jonesville, VA 24263
Phone: 540-239-5670
Email: rkilgore1951@gmail.com
Website: http://www.hardrockequipllc.com/




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