Empire Power Systems Dealer Profile


R&D: Tell us about your company’s history.

Empire Power Systems: We have been the authorized Caterpillar dealer for Arizona, Imperial County California, and parts of Mexico for 50+ years.

R&D: What type of machinery do you keep in inventory?

Empire Power Systems: We stock new and used CAT Engines, Gen Sets, Etc.

R&D: How does your used machinery sales program fit in with the company’s other divisions?

Empire Power Systems: They are managed and organized separately, but share common upper management, credit dept., and financing.

R&D: What are the sources of your used inventory?

Empire Power Systems: Our used inventory comes from customers and our own rental fleet.

R&D: Tell us about your financing and warranty options:

Empire Power Systems: Empire has financing available through CAT Finance and our local bank. For local customers we also do “rent to own”.

R&D: What kind of buying experience can potential customers expect?

Empire Power Systems: Empire is one of the top ten rated Caterpillar dealers in the USA and has experienced personnel at all levels.

R&D: Do you take trades?

Empire Power Systems: Yes, we take trades.

R&D: What other services and products do you offer?

Empire Power Systems: Standard parts, service, and sales of CAT Equipment.

R&D: Does your company offer parts? If so, tell us about what type of parts you offer:

Empire Power Systems: We offer new and used parts for CAT Equipment.

R&D: How many locations does your company have and where are they located?

Empire Power Systems: We have 14 locations throughout Arizona and Southeastern California.

R&D: What are some mistakes you see machinery buyers make?

Empire Power Systems: Buyers focusing on the initial purchase price and not “life cycle costing” and equipment uptime.

R&D: What are some ways your company differs from most others?

Empire Power Systems: We provide superior service and a high level of commitment in inventory and personnel.

R&D: What else would you like potential buyers to know about your company?

Empire Power Systems: We are an international buyer and seller of all used CAT Equipment.

You can view all of Empire Power Systems’ Inventory online at Rock & Dirt.  For more information about this company contact them at:

Empire Power Systems
840 North 43rd Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85009
Phone: 888-524-6241 or 602-622-5629
Email: kdavenport@empire-cat.com
Website: www.empire-cat.com

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