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46909_lR&D: Tell us about your company’s history.

Crawler Parts: Crawler Parts LLC was started by Rudy Love in January of 2012, after working for two undercarriage distributors for over 35 years. We handle undercarriage for dozers, excavators, milling machines, pavers, mobile crushers, feller bunchers and mulching machines. We also do pad swaps on our track press. We have an OTC 200 track press.

R&D: What type of machinery do you keep in inventory?

Crawler Parts: We sell parts for machinery, trucks, etc.

R&D: What are the sources of your used inventory?

Crawler Parts: Ed Worthman runs our used parts department. He has specialized in the parts industry for over 29 years and can offer his knowledge and experience on parts and components to repair your machine.

R&D: What kind of buying experience can potential customers expect?

Crawler Parts: We have a great buying experience. Smooth, easy transactions, and a quick process to get your parts delivered by the time you need them. A lot of people are satisfied with their buying experiences here and pleased with the quick shipping.

R&D: Do you take trades?

Crawler Parts: No.

R&D: What other services and products do you offer?

Crawler Parts: We offer a track press to do pin and bushing turns or replacements, track chain repair, track pad swaps, and track group assemblies. We also do hydraulic cylinder repairs, field service and welding. We have an OTC 200 track press.

R&D: Does your company offer parts? If so, tell us about what type of parts you offer:

Crawler Parts: We offer undercarriage parts; rollers, idlers, sprockets, sprocket segments, infeed flights, final drives, drive motors, rubber tracks, track chains, track shoes, teeth buckets, cabs, pins, bushings, transmissions, engines, hydraulic pumps, oil coolers, track adjusters, cutting edges, complete track frames, bolts, nuts, new aftermarket and good used parts.

R&D: How many locations does your company have and where are they lcoated?

Crawler Parts: We have one location and we are located in Noblesville, Indiana just north of Indianapolis.

You can view all of Crawler Parts LLC’s Inventory online at Rock & Dirt.  For more information about this company contact them at:

Crawler Parts LLC
511 Herriman Court, Noblesville, IN 46060
Phone: 317-774-5445

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