A Flipscreen Model to suit all your needs!

Not only do Flipscreen have the world’s best screening attachment, but they also have the largest range of screening buckets on the market.

They have models to suit any size skid steer and any size loader, up to 200 tons, yes that’s right, the largest mobile screening plant in the world! They also have an attachment for any size excavator, backhoe, telehandler, and even tractor.

Flipscreen serves any industry with a material that can be scooped.

Flipscreens are built from high tensile steel, with no internal moving parts. Its’ action keeps material within the confines of the bucket. This means it can screen any material it can scoop such as concrete with reinforced steel, and scrap metal. Other attachments struggle to achieve this, and those with internal moving shafts find entanglement with reinforced steel a disaster. 

One of their toughest attachments is the EXX100, which is made specifically to suit the metal slag industry.

Flipscreen has a range of attachments that are engineered specifically for the corrosive industry, e.g., fertilizer, where stainless steel components and extra corrosive materials protection are required. This is the Fertscreen range.

There are multiple Direct Drive models as well. This means the final drive motor is attached directly to the screening bucket, eliminating chains, sprockets, and internal moving parts, making the attachment lighter, quieter, more powerful, and easier to maintain.

All Flipscreen models have a range of screens, from ¼” to 12”, with customs sizes made as well.

You can change the screen size on-site and with no tools, using only one operator, in under 5 minutes.

Most of the models also have an optional compact Cement Mixer or mixing plate, which is a solid, waterproof screen that allows materials to be mixed via internal agitators.

The mixer removes the need for multiple attachments and equipment. Just roll the mesh off the bucket and roll the mixer plate on.

The mixing plate can be used for: – Dry Mix – Wet Mix – Fertiliser – Sand – Topsoil – Batching, etc.

All the models then also have the option of coming fitted with a brush kit.

The brush clears the apertures on the mesh on every rotation, preventing the build-up of material and ensuring even screening of material. This eradicates concerns with sticky/wet material, keeping productivity to a maximum.

So, no matter your material or carrier, your screening needs are taken care of with a Flipscreen.

For more information: www.flipscreenglobal.com/my-machine/excavator-screening-bucket/ 

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