While Many Are Unemployed In America – Construction Jobs Are Available

construction-americaConstruction Begins To Ramp Up – But Where Have All The Workers Gone?

While multi-family, single family, and commercial builders have all begun to see increased traction in recent quarters, construction companies are finding that the pool of talent in which to select from has, to an extent, dried up. Single and multi family builders are facing a drought of talent – with signs seen plastered across the nation saying “framing crews needed,” or “skilled masons please apply.” These are literal signs of the times, in that the demand for skilled and non-skilled labor is increasingly more difficult to satisfy.

Unemployment Is Down In The Construction Sector – So Where Are All The Workers?

With the nation enduring a brutal and costly economic downturn over the past five years, many workers who previously categorized themselves as a part of the construction trades have left altogether. Many have sought comfort in going back to school, while others have left the construction business entirely for the promise of employment in a more stable field. The apparent reduction in the unemployment figure among those in the construction industry can be largely attributed to the mass exodus of construction workers. Now that the nation is rebounding and building is starting to gain momentum, workers are hard to come by. What this has done, though, is provide those who want to work in the construction sector with some lucrative opportunities.

What Is Available To Someone Who Wants To Work In Construction Today?

Both residential and commercial job opportunities abound for the worker who is looking to capitalize on the resurgent building activities across the nation. The east coast of the United States is seeing a massive increase in new building activity, as New York State itself estimates over $20.5 billion in construction starts. In fact, over $8.5 billion was already spent during the first five months of 2013. 2012 saw an 11% increase in construction spending over the previous year.

Building activity on both the private and commercial sides is hot across the nation. Houston and Dallas are hotbeds for construction, and companies there are eager to take on workers who can help quickly fill their labor force voids.  In fact, these two areas combined are poised to see more than $22 billion in construction starts this year. For the construction worker (or someone who wants to enter the construction field) who wants to seek opportunities that have recently begun to form, jobs are available in cities as diverse as New York, Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix, and Boston.

What Are Construction Companies Looking For In Today’s Applicant?

Construction firms are generally going to want to see an applicant with a construction background and a basic working knowledge of general construction techniques and applications. Specialized workers, like plumbers and electricians, may have to hold special licenses and will want to relay their proven experience in managing more complex systems. Based on the lack of available manpower in the construction market today, companies are eager to find and employ talented individuals who can help the organization support new building contracts other general construction jobs. With unemployment a problem across many sectors in the US, construction may be a terrific alternative for those who may have never considered this creative and respectable line of work.

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