Storage Solutions for Industrial Equipment

2nd storage pictureA vital part of maintaining the quality and longevity of all industrial equipment is storing it correctly. Improper storage of industrial equipment can lead to potentially disastrous consequences for any type of industrial equipment, which can have financial repercussions for you or your company in the event of your having to repair or replace broken or missing equipment.

The Consequences of Improper Equipment Storage

First and foremost, the correct storage of industrial equipment is a safety issue for you, your company and the equipment itself.

Industrial equipment which is left outside or improperly stored can be damaged in a number of ways, from sun or weather damage to accidental damage caused by another person or piece of equipment. This damage can take the form of rust, warping, breakage or spillage, and can potentially affect both the equipment and its surroundings.

Damaged equipment can be directly harmful to the people that work with it, resulting in accidents such as slips, trips or falls, or the more serious consequences of using or handling heavy tools or equipment which have become faulty through incorrect storage.

Equipment which is improperly stored can also result in other potentially harmful scenarios if, for example, they have been left in the way of fire exits or unattended in a public environment.

How Can Correct Storage Benefit Your Business

The benefits of investing in good industrial equipment storage for your business should be plain to see, particularly in terms of the health and safety aspect of good storage.

storage picture 1However there are direct financial benefits which can also be gained from investing in good industrial equipment storage, which do not arise from the mere avoidance of damage or injury. Fixed asset management strategies have shown us that companies which have more of a control over the use, movements and allocation of their assets are more likely to see profit as a result, by more efficiently managing fixed asset depreciation and cutting spending costs in relation to this. Good industrial equipment storage means that you, as a company, will be able to keep better track of where your equipment is and what condition it is in, at all times.

Industrial equipment storage solutions can be tailor made to meet your company’s needs and represent a sound financial investment for any business which wants to keep equipment outlay and financial loss through depreciation, misuse or damage, to a minimum. This kind of efficiency can be practiced by any kind of industrial company, large or small.

Finding the Right Industrial Equipment Storage

Industrial equipment storage solutions range from small padlocks to full scale industrial steel buildings for storing larger machinery and equipment. What kind of industrial equipment storage you will require will be entirely dependent upon you or your company’s individual needs. However when considering which type of industrial equipment storage structure you will require, it’s important to take into consideration whether or not you will be requiring:

  • Any particular types of access
  • Temperature or humidity regulation
  • Anti-condensation treatments.
  • Skylights
  • Aesthetic finishing – i.e. timber or tile cladding

Three Counties steel buildings are a perfect example of the kind of structure which is suitable for an industrial company wishing to store large quantities of materials, tools, equipment or machinery. Their steel buildings are available as part of a Turnkey package which comprises groundworks, steel building insulation and a complete internal fit out – or alternatively they can be acquired as a prefabricated steel building kit which you or your company would self erect.

Submitted by Brian Colton.

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