How Hiring Equipment Will Benefit Your Construction Job

constructionSafetyLogoConstruction sites can be dangerous environments for both workers and affected passers-by. It’s the responsibility of each project manager to be implementing the necessary safety precautions in order to bring the risk of accidents down and the efficiency of work up. Most construction involves the building and assembly of infrastructure, thus needs to be of a very high standard. This is where hire equipment can lend a helping hand. There are a number of different benefits as a result of hiring top quality tools and equipment, of which include; a more bespoke finish to the job in hand and additionally, up-to-date equipment will lower the chance of damage and injury. Listed below are a few examples of hire equipment that may improve your construction:

Concrete Mixer

Concreting literally sets the foundations for a lot of construction work so it’s important you only use quality equipment that will offer precision. There are a number of different mixers available that will be sure to meet your requirements, including Belle Mixers for small jobs and Belle Site mixers for bigger projects. Thorough mixing is essential for the production of uniform, high quality concrete. For this reason, equipment and methods should be capable of effectively mixing concrete materials containing the largest specified aggregate to produce uniform mixtures of the lowest slump practical for the work – of which won’t be performed by shoddy old mixers.

Genie Super Lift

Construction sites involve a great deal of lifting and moving and manually maneuvering should altogether be out of the question. You need a good standard genie lift machine for lifting all manner of things up safely and quickly. A heavy duty design, yet lightweight and portable quick setup is the most ideal and requires no additional add-on tools. With construction equipment you want to look for easy-to-use and safe equipment, hiring from a bespoke company will allow this. A Genie Super Lift can be easily transported and stored.

Power Float

When you invest in hiring equipment you will  benefit from the improvements made to your work with precision and specialist tools. A brilliant bit of equipment is a power float. With a great deal of construction/industrial work involving the laying down of new cement you’ll want a long lasting completion. For fast finishing of wet concrete a power float will offer a perfectly smoothed finish.

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Submitted by: Rebecca Woods

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