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When people think of construction companies, they look at local construction firms that build homes, lay roads and remodel kitchens. Out in the world, though, exist huge construction companies that build the cities we live in, construct giant power plants that give us light to see in the dark and channel and store water that we use to drink and wash our vehicles on Saturday morning. Here’s a look at five of the largest construction companies in the world and what they build to keep the world working.

Royal BAM Group

Royal BAM Group is the largest construction group in Europe. It operates throughout Europe with its main activities taking place in Germany, Ireland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Belgium. With 25,000 employees, BAM takes on thousands of civil and specialty projects each year. Recent major projects include the Amsterdam Arena soccer stadium, the Antwerp Law Courts building and the HSL-Zuid high-speed railway. The company offers both on-the-job training and apprenticeships to prospective employees.


Skansa built Sweden. Based near Stockholm, Sweden, Skansa is a European construction company that builds homes, commercial buildings and civil projects. Skansa was a major company that built Sweden’s housing, power plants, roads and commercial buildings. It’s the 7th largest contractor in the U.S. and was named the No. 1 green builder in 2007. Major projects included the New Meadowlands Stadium, the renovation of Madison Square Garden and the Alaskan Way Viaduct in the state of Washington.


CCCC Ltd. is China’s largest construction company, and it specializes in transportation infrastructure, dredging, railways, road and bridge construction and shipping ports. Major projects include the Gwadar deep water port, the Hangzhou Bay Bridge and the Han Expressway.


Bechtel has completed 22,000 large projects in 140 different countries. The company is engaged in energy projects, oil and gas infrastructures, transportation, communications and civil projects. Bechtel has ongoing projects from Alaska to Australia and was named the No. 1 construction company in the U.S. 14 years in a row. With more than 50,000 employees, Bechtel was engaged in large projects valued at $53 billion in 2011. It’s known as one of the safest construction companies in the world. Major projects include the Bay Area Rapid Transit, Jubail Industrial City, Hoover Dam, Hurricane Katrina disaster relief and extinguishing the Kuwait oil fires in the first Gulf War.


VINCI, based in France, is the largest construction company in the world with more than 180,000 employees. Major projects include the Gariep Dam, the Centre Georges Pompidou and the Channel Tunnel. The company is currently building the Moscow-St. Petersburg toll road.

Submitted by: Jason Kane

Jason Kane is a former construction foreman and avid blogger. Jason writes for Fall Protection USA, a supplier of Ladder Safety Gates and other safety equipment.


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