Canadian Man Excavating His Own Basement Using Only Radio-Controlled Tractors and Trucks

toy-excavatorSome Construction Managers Prefer Their Machines Small – and Radio Controlled!

Excavating a basement is a job for a powerful, maneuverable, and efficient machine. Construction machines like skid steer loaders and dedicated excavators come to mind when deciding on which type of unit to employ when digging out a basement area. For those who have decided to challenge themselves when setting out to tackle a basement excavation, a shovel and some determination may be involved.

In what can only be described as an “offbeat” news story, a man from Saskatchewan, Canada, named Joe, has been excavating his own basement using radio controlled, scale models of an excavator and other heavy duty machinery. Dump trucks and bulldozers appear to be a part of the fleet of miniature models, which remove the basement-area dirt and place it on a mini conveyor belt system that sends it to the surface.

Though the application for these miniature machines is questionable, Joe has reinforced the notion that this entire project – from the design and build phase of the machinery to the actual excavation activities, has been a fun hobby. Joe obviously knows that his basement could have been completed in a few days using traditional means – but what is the fun in that? In fact, Joe has been digging out his basement in this manner since 2005!

R/C Scale Trucks and Machines Are Growing In Popularity!

Websites like offer a wide variety of radio controlled scale models and prove how this hobby has grown immensely in recent years. While the scale R/C machinery that is available today isn’t in any position to encroach on the power and performance of the real thing, these machines are fun to operate and can be called upon to do some real work. These machines can even work on excavating a basement – if the operator has at least eight years to get the job done, that is. It can be a relaxing and fun way to complete small projects – just as Joe!

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