7 Ways Steel is Used in Everyday Life

97% of produced steel is reusable.  Steel is used in cars, homes, bridges and a trove of durable, lasting everyday products.  Steel makes immediate projects safer, so in many cases, failures or deconstructions warrant the resolution of steel implementation.

In ’89, San Francisco’s Bay Bridge was severely damaged following an earthquake.  Engineers devised a plan, with the aid of steel, to move with a quake’s gyrations rather than attempt for steel beams to defy movement.  Portions of the bridge are now able to shift up to six feet while maintaining the safety of people and the integrity of the structure.

The recycling rate of steel was 88% in 2012, with automotive steel scrap at a 90% recyclability rate.  Steel does not lose strength or integrity due to recycling; newly-bought steel products are almost-always produced with recycled steel.  Furthering sentiments of sustainability, steel is used to deliver solar, tidal and wind elements of energy.  Also, the amount of energy required to manufacture a ton of steel has been slashed in half over the last 30 years!

Actually, it would be very difficult to number the occasions steel is found in everyday life.  How many stoplights have you passed today?  Steel is used throughout such structures; stainless steel protects poles and lights from weather, bends well for desired shape, and offers quality torsional resistance.


Submitted by Marlon Gallano II.

Original Infographic Source: http://isostainless.com/

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