5 Construction Equipment Accessories That Help Improve Productivity

shutterstock_204370423Accessories for your construction equipment can increase your productivity and possibly even worker safety. With the harsh environmental demands, any products you choose must withstand the range of abuse on your site. You face numerous areas where you lose production time from the weather and other situations outside of your control. Take some control back and consider these five accessories and how the items could improve your business.

1. Keeping the power on

Generators keep your site running and there are several accessories that can be added to different manufacturers’ equipment. Remote monitoring, control systems and even remote starting are options you should consider. Control devices are accessible through computers or smartphones.

Getting the generator up and running quickly is often a priority, especially in cold weather. Monitoring will also alert you to malfunctions before a critical failure. You cannot afford to have your site shut down because of a loss of power. Check with the manufacturer of your generator to see what remote devices are available.

2. Multiply your power

When you need more than just AC power, look at a multipurpose generator. A single engine generator is available that can provide your site with 7 kW of AC power while also supplying a 300-amp welder, battery charger, hydraulic pump and rotary screw compressor. Your productivity will improve by reducing the amount of equipment your workers must haul around and access.

3. Durable mounting and docking stations

Laptops and tablets do have a place in the construction industry, and that place must offer extreme durability. The ability to have immediate access to blueprints, code requirements and remote printing systems can significantly reduce the time spent by workers gathering the information they need.

You cannot just use a standard laptop, parked on the floor next to the operator. Even durable devices do not perform well under continual impact. You also want mounting equipment that makes using the devices easier and safer for operators. These communication devices also need to remain charged to provide any usability. If you only use smartphones for communication, invest in the right mounting products to protect the equipment.

shutterstock_1774092774. Mobile lighting systems

No matter what type of construction work your company is performing, you need lighting. Inside partially finished buildings, inadequate lighting hinders productivity. If you need to work at night, without sufficient illumination nothing will get accomplished. Construction string lighting is difficult to move to each new location. Consider a lighting system that moves with you and runs off its own generator.

The right system will provide all the light you need and can offer heat during colder weather. Do look for systems that are easy to set up and move as needed. In addition to productivity, increased lighting adds safety and security on any construction site.

5. Put a motor on it

Motorized wheelbarrows and hand trucks are just two of the options available to increase your productivity in material movement. While the motor will not necessarily make getting from place to place faster, it will make it easier — more so when the rough terrain of most construction sites is taken into consideration. When your crew is expending less energy getting to and from a work area, they will have more energy to put into production.

Author Bio:

Cheryl Bikowski, Marketing Communications Supervisor of Gamber-Johnson in Stevens Point, WI. Gamber-Johnson provides top-of-the-line vehicle-mounting solutions for lift trucks and forklifts to mount your device exactly where you need it.

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