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Liebherr announces the formation of a mixed sales company, Liebherr USA, Co.

The Liebherr Group has formed a new mixed sales and service company in the USA in order to integrate its divisional activities which were spread over several sales and service companies. Liebherr USA, Co. became effective June 1, 2016. It provides sales and service on behalf of eight different Liebherr divisions: Construction Equipment, Mining, Crawler […]

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Fleet of Over 40 Tower Cranes at the Urban Development Project “aspern+ Vienna’s Urban Lakeside”

Over 40 Liebherr tower cranes from the EC-B and EC-H crane systems are being used for the first phase of the “aspern+ Vienna’s Urban Lakeside” construction project in Austria. The modular design of this crane series means that each crane can be optimally configured to fit the construction project’s requirements. The modular undercarriages, tower elements, […]

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Cranes – Integral Part of the Construction Industry

Cranes are extremely valuable assets in the construction industry as they simplify working with construction materials and heavy equipments. A crane is basically a lifting machine, which works with the help of cables and pulleys. Cranes have drastically made things easy for workers on the construction site since without these machines, lifting, unloading and loading […]

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