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Bulldozers Now Made Easier to Operate As Skilled Workers Prove Harder to Find

Drought of Skilled Workers Hits at The Wrong Time – As Building Rebounds Fiercely One of the ways in which construction industry professionals are coping with the lack of skilled manpower these days is by tailoring the work to the available workforce. It used to be that an apprenticeship, months of practice, and a trusting […]

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Komatsu Launches intelligent Machine Control Medium-sized Bulldozer Equipped with World’s First Fully Automatic Blade Control

Komatsu Ltd. unveiled the D61EXi/PXi-23 medium-sized bulldozer which features the world’s first* fully auto blade control at bauma 2013, an international trade fair for construction equipment in Munich, Germany on April 16. D61EXi/PXi-23 was jointly developed with TOPCON Corporation with a world proven performance of GNSS (global navigation satellite systems) surveying technology and its applications […]

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Dozers for Dummies: How to Buy a Bulldozer

The purpose of a bulldozer is to push rubble, rock and dirt, usually on a building site, a farm, a mine or a quarry. The basic parts include a tractor, an engine, a set of tracks and a blade. A bulldozer is different from a backhoe, which is used for digging. A backhoe has a […]

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A 38-Ton Custom Bulldozer Crushes Leftover Landmines

After decades of strife, occupation, and conflict, Afghanistan has been left pockmarked with an estimated ten million anti-personnel landmines in its soils. It’s a bad situation. There are mines like the the Soviet PFM-1 butterfly mine—especially popular with small children, who mistake it for a toy. But an anti-mine machine from Komatsu is working across […]

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