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VÖGELE InLine Pave for Placing Asphalt “Hot on Hot” at a Width of 7m

Horb is a picturesque German town on the upper reaches of the Neckar river, 437m above sea level, at the northern edge of the Black Forest. When securing a slope below the B 14 trunk road between two parts of Horb – Dettingen and Ihlingen – the roadway also had to be renewed. In its […]

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CASE PT240 Helps Georgia Contractor Achieve Low Air Voids

CASE roller fleet anchored by the PT240 pneumatic tire compactor helps Georgia contractor consistently achieve low air voids on asphalt projects. A high percentage of air voids in hot mix asphalt projects ultimately contributes to flaws in roadways. The ability to consistently keep air voids to a minimum is where Thompson, GA-based C&H Paving excels. […]

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Case Small DV Series Double Drum Asphalt Rollers Offer Superior Maneuverability, Visibility For Maximum Productivity in Tight Spaces

Case Construction Equipment today introduced its next generation of asphalt compaction equipment with an updated line of small double drum asphalt rollers. The new DV Series — the DV23, DV26, DV36 and DV45 — combines a compact size, excellent maneuverability and visibility, with the same control features found in heavy asphalt rollers. The DV Series […]

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Bobcat Asphalt Preservation Tools Expand Loaders into Eco-Friendly Asphalt Repair

Bobcat Company continues to bring customers innovative products and systems that expand the versatile capabilities of their compact equipment. The new Bobcat® Asphalt Preservation Tools (APT) system provides asphalt paving contractors and government customers with an innovative system that is powered by Bobcat loaders for cost-effective repairs that minimize traffic disruption. This simple restoration system […]

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Asphalt Equipment – All Shapes and Sizes

Naturally occurring asphalt, also known as bitumen, is a black, sticky substance with a viscosity similar to that of cold molasses. This material is refined by boiling at a temperature of nearly 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit to produce refined asphalt, which is then combined with aggregate particles to form the asphalt concrete that is used to […]

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Asphalt Segretation Busters – Protect Your Reputation

For every ton of asphalt paved, your reputation is on the line. Asphalt producers and paving contractors take pride in delivering a durable road that lasts for 15 or 20 years or longer. Sending segregated mix to the jobsite or laying a mat with patches of segregation can ruin a company’s reputation, not to mention […]

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