Why You Should Use Genuine John Deere Excavator Parts

Excavators are pieces of heavy equipment commonly used on construction sites for digging and moving earth. They typically have a bucket on one end and some  may have backfill blade on the undercarriage. With the addition of special attachments like augers or breakers, excavators can also be used for other tasks around construction sites. While some excavators run on wheels, others use tracks like a tank to give them more traction on soft, loose or wet ground. Excavators are produced by dozens of different manufacturers, including the highly reputable and proven company John Deere. At least one of these powerful machines can typically be found at any construction site.


When you first purchased your John Deere excavator, it was brand new and fully stocked with genuine John Deere excavator parts. Over time, use and age causes parts on your equipment to wear out or break down. To keep your excavator working optimally, you will need to replace those worn out or broken parts. The best way to accomplish this is by finding John Deere parts for sale.

Your local John Deer dealer may offer John Deere parts for sale, but there are other retailers where you can purchase excavator parts as well. There are even websites dedicated to helping you find genuine parts for your excavators and other equipment. The easiest way to find parts online is by using the part numbers, but websites often offer customer service representatives who can help you find the right items even without the part numbers. Any company that sells these parts is sure to do whatever they can to make sure you get exactly what you need to keep your construction equipment running.

There are several different types of excavators including dragline excavators, compact excavators, suction excavators, mini excavators and long reach excavators. Although some of their uses may overlap, each different type of excavator has its own special features and functions. Power shovels and steam shovels are also types of excavators. No matter which type you use, remember that using genuine parts is the best way to extend your equipment’s life and keep it running smoothly. Don’t trust your construction equipment to anything less.