WITZCO Challenger Lowboy Trailers


For three generations, 76 years, WITZCO Challenger trailers have been manufactured with the promise of excellence. How can a business last for over seven decades and continue to be successful? WITZCO, named after its founders Israel and Rebecca Witzer, was created in 1938 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania under the name IR Witzer Company. It began as a simple steel workshop that produced artistic sculptures and small household items. As time progressed, with their dedication to their work, Israel and Rebecca Witzer began to construct bigger and better projects to expand their business. They soon involved their children in the family business and in 1979, the family relocated to Sarasota, Florida bringing the steel profession with them. It wasn’t until the 1980’s, during hard economic times, did the Witzer family decide to narrow their production to lowboy trailers. In 1997, the company changed its name to WITZCO Trailers Incorporated and finalized its product as the WITZCO Challenger Trailer. Today, the third generation of this family business continues to produce the excellent work of Israel and Rebecca Witzer through the dedication of their grandsons, Sam Witzer, President, and Josh Weinstein, Vice President.

WITZCO Trailers Inc. is a true manufacturer as each and every trailer is made completely on the property. From mill to finished product, all aspects of the trailers are designed, engineered, and fabricated by WITZCO in Sarasota, Florida. Components for the trailers are ordered from the most respected companies in the industry. Steel is ordered from Nucor, axles and air rides are ordered from Hendrickson, spring suspension are from Hutchens Industries, pony motor engines are from Briggs & Stratton and Honda, lighting is from Peterson MFG, wire harnesses are from Sealco, and oak wood is from the southeast United States.

The WITZCO Challenger Trailer consists of a variety of series: Removable gooseneck (either ground bearing or non-ground bearing), Rigid Neck, Drop Deck, Rolling Tailboard, Tag, and Hydraulic Tail. Popular options include: front flip ramps, articulating stinger, rear bucket well, beaver tail with hydraulic ramps, gooseneck fenders, flip axle, and many more. WITZCO is also recognized for building special, high capacity, custom designed trailers. Therefore, the trailers are painted to customer satisfaction either in the seven offered colors or in a custom design.

WITZCO sells to a great distributor network that encompasses the entire planet. Such distributors reside in North, Central, and South America, South Africa, Nigeria, Iceland, Russia, the Ukraine. WITZCO trailers also supports the United States Military by selling artillery tag trailers and tank retrieval trailers over the past several years. One example of the relationship between WITZCO and the United Sates Military was during the Desert Shield operations, 120 HET RN-60 trailers were built for Track vehicles.

WITZCO is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction with the equipment they produce. They genuinely care. This is evident during the catastrophe of Hurricane Sandy in 2012 when WITZCO donated a 40-ton Drop Deck Trailer to the cause. It is also evident as WITZCO aided in building a trailer for a mobile memorial exhibition for the Holocaust Museum. Other projects include constructing trailers for the building of the Panama Canal and manufacturing a trailer to be a mobile nuclear lab for the Atomic Energy Commission. WITZCO has manufactured trailers for numerous federal, state, and local governments, fish and wildlife associations, border patrols, and the Bureau of Interior Affairs, to name a few. Also, trailers were specifically made for the mining industry, hurricane and flood recovery programs, mobile jailhouses, and Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

WITZCO Trailers can offer competitive pricing for any prospective distributor. Please call WITZCO Trailers for current pricing at 888-922-9900, or visit the website, www.witzco.com.

You can view all of Witzco Trailers’ Inventory online at Rock & Dirt.

The office speaks both English and Spanish to ensure your satisfaction.

Editorial written by 4th generation family member, Mia Weinstein

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