has Partnered with EarthCast Technologies to Offer Its Subscribers Access to Global Forecast Data with weatherTAP GLOBAL

Blog post pic has partnered with EarthCast Technologies (ECT) to offer its subscribers access to global forecast data with weatherTAP GLOBAL. Among other things, weatherTAP GLOBAL allows contractors and builders to see forecasted weather information for any location in the world.

“Now construction project managers anywhere on the planet can have access to detailed weather forecasts. From temperature and wind conditions to forecasts for rain and snow up to 36 hours in advance, weatherTAP takes the guesswork out of planning your project,” says Rob Parsons, weatherTAP program manager. has been providing real-time weather data to the construction industry and beyond for 18 years. ECT is a U.S.-based company that is revolutionizing how forecasts are developed by operating the first satellite-based global information system for continuously monitoring and predicting hazardous weather and environmental conditions.

There are over 50 Earth-viewing satellites in orbit that continuously monitor the Earth system, generating thousands of channels of global data in real time. ECT uses this data to create prediction products that cover the entire planet. WeatherTAP currently has access to 13 different ECT global forecast products. Each of the global forecast products covers a period of 36 hours with individual forecast images produced every hour.

“Our partnership with weatherTAP allows us to provide the amazing capabilities of EarthCast directly to thousands of people who make weather-sensitive, critical decisions everyday,” says Pamela McCown, COO for EarthCast Technologies.

“WeatherTAP has always been on the cutting-edge of providing weather prediction and forecast products,” says Steve Stone, COO of “WeatherTAP GLOBAL brings unprecedented weather information to every weatherTAP subscriber.”

WeatherTAP and ECT plan to continue this partnership to create specialized products for specific customers based on hyper-resolution forecasts.