Volvo Construction Equipment Announces The New MCT110C Track Loader

The future is here for track loaders with the release of the MCT110C compact track loader from Volvo Construction Equipment. The MCT110C is the latest in a model class and size that is now the second-largest in availability – representing 25% of the market. Like other track loaders in the C-series line, the MCT110C features a Tier 4 final four-cylinder engine characterized by an emissions-reducing, fuel-saving, advanced combustion system. It’s also one of the few track loaders that makes do without a diesel particulate filter.

Volvo MCT110COperator Friendly

From asphalt compactors to hydraulic excavators, heavy equipment gets the best results when it’s easiest for the operator to use. Track loaders are no different. Thanks to its innovative, operator-friendly features, the MCT110C facilitates enhanced productivity.

  • Choice: The MCT110C offers operators numerous preferences for controls, three levels of control sensitivity, and the ability to choose between Volvo ISO and H patterns.
  • Access to Data: Two front-cab consoles offer essential data that’s easy to read.
  • Access to Maintenance Points: It’s easy for operators and maintenance technicians to service the machinery through safe portals. Should an operator need to access the loader arm support, the innovative design ensures he or she can do so without involving another person.
  • Safety: Operators don’t have to climb over equipment, walk under loads, or squeeze out of small openings to access the cab or maintain the machine. The non-slip step makes getting in and out of the track loader even safer. A ROPS/FOPS protected cab is a further safety measure.
  • Comfort: Cabs feature noise-blocking technology, comfortable seats and armrests, and cabs that are 30 percent larger than the competition. Ergonomically designed seats prevent injuries.
  • Visibility: The MCT110C increases safety and productivity by offering excellent visibility through large top windows without a sight-blocking horizontal bar.

Fuel Reduction

Designed to cut costs and environmental impact by reducing fuel use, the MCT110C is equipped with an automatic idling system that shuts the machine off if the controls aren’t used for five seconds. This reduces fuel waste, as fuel isn’t used when fuel isn’t needed. It also reduces unneeded noise. There’s no delay when it’s time to get back to work. The engine powers right back up to the set speed.

Long Lasting

Built tough and designed to last, the MCT110C includes several built-in features designed to increase longevity. Just a few of these include:

  • An optional fan that can clean the cooling system by removing debris in the radiator
  • The three-stage air cleaner promotes longer time between service, less maintenance, and better engine life
  • Support provided by a dedicated service network of Volvo maintenance professionals


Use the MT110C with numerous attachments: trenchers, dozer blades, hydraulic breakers, pallet forks, augers, and buckets. This equipment can be used for numerous applications and is customized for all of them.

Heavy machinery, from compaction equipment to excavators to track loaders, requires a keen blend of safety, longevity, and innovation. The MCT110C offers all of these attributes. Offering over-engineered construction, intelligent technology, and a wide range of optional features, the MT110C is designed for years of demanding heavy work.


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