VMC Releases enTIRE™ PressureNet (TPMS)

Vehicle Management Corporation (VMC) proudly announced the release of enTIRE™ PressureNet, the company’s much-awaited new offering for the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) market. enTIRE™ PressureNet is the result of years of R&D from the same brilliant team of software developers who gave the world enTIRE™ WHEELS, the leading Tyre and Rim Management Software now widely used around the globe for the past 25 years.

TMPS systems involve installing tyre sensors on each tyre in a fleet, and alerts are triggered when tyre pressure is outside of the acceptable range. Some TPMS also send this data to a server.

enTIRE™ PressureNet TPMS is a software application that receives data from all tyre pressure sensors installed in a fleet and stores this information centrally on a server. Reports and alerts are generated when tyre pressure/temperature falls below, or rises above a certain safety threshold. The information can be accessed and analysed via the internet.

While there are a handful of TPMS providers who offer a similar product, they can only interface with their own tyre sensors.

enTIRE™ PressureNet holds the distinction of being the only application of its kind that can interface with multiple TPMS sensor types, giving customers a much larger choice than other systems. This is the biggest advantage enTIRE™ PressureNet has over other similar applications.

The system optionally comes with its own tyre and rim management system to further increase its potential value to the customer.

Mark Fernie, Co-founder and Managing Director of enTIRE™ highlights the features and benefits of enTIRE™ PressureNet:


  • Multiple sensor types – The customer is not restricted to using one type of sensor across their fleet, and can choose the best suited sensor for each fleet type.
  • Easy installation – there is minimal hardware installation inside the vehicle cabin. It will collect the tyre pressure data and send back to the processing server.
  • Email and SMS alerts – Real-time SMS alerts when out-of-range data is detected, allowing personnel to take immediate corrective action.
  • Email Summary – regular report containing fleet status and a summary of issues.
  • GPS tracking – know the location of every member of your fleet at all times.
  • Connects to enTIRE™ Wheels Tyre and Rim Management System
  • Backed by a development and support team with over 65 years combined experience.


  • Fuel Savings – Operating a vehicle on wrong tyre pressure increases its fuel consumption by an average of 3.5%. Fuel is the no. 1 operational cost and avoiding this problem will translate to considerable savings across the entire fleet.
  • Extend Tyre Life by an average of 4%- Driving on underinflated tyres reduces their lifespan, making it necessary to replace them earlier.
  • Less Downtime – Proactive tyre maintenance helps reduce costly vehicle downtime.
  • Safety – Prevent slow-leakers, flat tyres and/or tyre blowouts from causing accidents.
  • Time-savings – Avoid long man-hours allocated to performing manual pressure checks on each and every tyre in the fleet.

Mr. Fernie further said that enTIRE™ PressureNet was developed with port operations, mining and transport industries in mind with cost savings and safety as the main objectives.

VMC gained global recognition after winning the AIIA Financial Reviews award as “The Best Industrial Software Application” in 2005 for enTIRE™ and has remained the only tyre management software developer that is totally independent of tyre manufacturers and service providers.

enTIRE Home: www.entire.net.au

enTIRE PressureNet: www.entire.net.au/index.php/au/vmc-products/entire-pressurenet/