Visionaire Inc. Announces New Cab Heater/Defroster

Visionaire Inc., an OEM provider of air conditioning & heating products, announces a new line of specialty cab heaters for heavy duty off-highway equipment. These ducted heaters are compact, have a powder coated steel chassis, and provide an abundance
of heat in a small package.

“Our new heater models, 2205 and 2215, are truly customer driven products”, said Frank Pechacek, Visionaire, Inc. President. “Customers were very pleased with the performance of traditional heaters we introduced last year, but several expressed a desire for more ducting options, especially asking us about window defrosting. The new models bring greater installation flexibility and address the need for dedicated defrost capability. We are excited about the feedback we have gotten so far.”

The new heaters utilize long lasting SPAL blowers. Coolant hose connections can be made at the back or bottom of the heater. Three speed blower motors enhance function and operator comfort. Defroster models are available with one to four 2 ½” duct connections.

“It was clear that we needed high pressure blowers to provide adequate air flow for defrosting cab windows.” said Chris Hazzard, Engineer at Visionaire, Inc. “Properly sizing these blowers with custom fit outlet adapters was key. Using the correct size duct hose and air deflectors will give our customer the performance they are looking for.”

Duct hose, defrost louvers, heater hose, and coolant valve components are available through Visionaire, Inc.

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Grand Prairie, TX, Visionaire Inc. designs and markets many cabin ventilation products for the off-highway equipment market. All of their systems are made of powder coated steel and are designed to withstand use in the off-highway environment.

For details on this product, or to see what else Visionaire Inc. has to offer, contact their sales department at 972-647-1056 or email or, or visit their website –

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