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I came up with the idea of the Switchblade turbo when I started noticing more and more VGT turbo’s of other manufacturers coming through our shop for repair. Becoming very familiar with the different designs and their extreme complexity I thought, “there has to be a simpler way to accomplish the same results”. One day while cleaning a turbine wheel with solvent and blowing it off with an air nozzle I  started noticing how I could vary the speed of the spinning turbine wheel by manipulating the air nozzle. This led me to start thinking about using one extra moving part versus a fixed geometry turbo to build a simpler VGT turbo with much less complexity and less moving parts to fail while significantly increasing engine performance.


The principle factor influencing the impressive performance enhancement of the Switchblade turbo design is the ability to take a larger than normal turbine housing and get it to spool up quickly like a smaller turbine housing and then to open up and perform like a large turbine housing in the upper engine rpm range. This is accomplished by using a single vane to pinch down the volute (exhaust gas passage to the turbine wheel) there by taking the low flow and pressure of the exhaust gas at lower engine rpm’s and increasing the gas pressure impacting the turbine wheel. This results in quicker spool up getting increased oxygen into the cylinders quicker and more completely and efficiently combusting the fuel charge. The results are much quicker low engine rpm torque and decreasing exhaust particulates (smoke). As the boost increases the vane automatically starts to open reducing back pressure and then the magic of the larger turbine housing at higher engine rpm’s appears.


Switchblade Vane Closed

On take off, the vane is closed pinching the exhaust flow down to the smaller end of the turbine housing scroll before it can impact the turbine wheel with more force at lower engine rpm’s.

Using the vane lets us use a larger turbine housing than a conventional turbo would need to get low end performance and then open up the vane to get better top end performance with the bigger turbine housing



When boost pressure hits a pre determined level the vane actuator starts opening the vane and allows more and more exhaust gas access thru the volute slot to impact more of the turbine wheel circumference. The vane opening decreases the exhaust back pressure letting the engine to take advantage of the larger turbine housing and breathe more efficiently.

The Switchblade Turbo is a very simple design performing like two turbo’s in one, NO nozzle vanes to change to suit different driving styles, vane operation is automatically self controlled.

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