The Gladiator Equipment FuelMaster

43025_lThe Gladiator Equipment Fuelmaster was designed to operate within the harsh environment of the oilsands, where the hot and cold temperatures as well as the abrasive nature of the environment causes undue hardship on conventional fuel delivery vehicles and ultimately an unreliable fuel delivery network.


Gladiator Equipment has gained a tremendous amount of experience by maintaining the existing fuel delivery vehicles of the oilsands in the past and has become quite proficient in recognizing the areas of the fuel delivery vehicles that could be improved. Upon reviewing the maintenance cost of the existing fuel delivery units, we recognized that braking and steering systems are areas that were subjected to tremendous maintenance costs and downtime.


The Gladiator Fuelmaster is manufactured from a modified Caterpillar 535C skidder. The skidder is a machine that is very capable of operating in rather harsh enviroments and we were inspired with its manouverability, reliability and robustness as well as the CAT designed systems.

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