Rayco Announces a New Planar Tooth for its Predator Mulcher Head!

Rayco announces a new planar tooth for its Predator mulcher heads that utilize a 2-bolt tooth holder.  Rayco’s 2-bolt mulcher teeth are 2-sided, to provide twice the useful life of competitive teeth.  The new planar teeth (part# 36178) can be used on the entire rotor, or mixed in with Rayco’s popular, carbide-tipped, Beaver tooth (part# 29015).  Planar teeth are now the same weight as the popular carbide-tipped Beaver teeth (part# 29015), allowing operators to run with a combination of planar and Beaver teeth on the rotor simultaneously.  “According to operators, mixing in planar teeth, especially in the center of the rotor, can significantly increase productivity when mulching large diameter material,” says J.R. Bowling of Rayco Mfg.  The new planar teeth are made of high strength steel, and designed to quickly and cleanly slice through wood and vegetation. The result is a finely mulched product in one pass, reducing the need for back-dragging.  For more information on planar teeth, or any other Rayco product, please visit raycomfg.com or call toll free at 800-392-2686.

You can view all of RAYCO’s inventory online at Rock & Dirt. 



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