New Cat 311F RR Excavator Is More Fuel Efficient & Improves Performance

As an machine that was developed to cut costs while successfully handling numerous heavy jobs, the Cat 311F RR Excavator is powered by a 70 net horsepower C3.4B engine that delivers robust performance while meeting all EPA standards.


Size, Material, and Efficiency

  • The excavator features a counterweight of 5,400 pounds, so the machine is stable and able to handle even the most rigorous of heavy-duty jobs.
  • An innovative design makes room for a full-size cab, which improves operator comfort and productivity.
  • Fuel efficient, the Cat 311F RR Excavator employs an effective hydraulic system and reduced size that significant cuts fuel use without impacting performance.
  • As a result of the innovative engine idle shutdown feature and adjustable performance levels, the Cat 311F RR Excavator boasts reduced emissions and longer service intervals.
  • The Cat 311F RR Excavator is even more environmentally friendly because it can operate on biodiesel blends up to B20.
  • The comfortable and safe cab comes complete with easy-to-reach controls, large service doors, and increased visibility.

Durability and Longevity

Built to last, the Cat 311F RR Excavator features a state-of-the art mounting system to ensure the structural stability of the heavy-duty cab. An undercarriage made of high-tensile-strength steel components results in longer life and more applications for use. The thorough inspection process ensures all Cat 311F RR Excavator components work flawlessly and are constructed seamlessly. For example, manufacturers use ultrasonic technology to inspect the reach boom and stick’s internal baffle plates. Other durability features include innovative and high-strength castings and forgings in high-stress areas, greatly reducing wear and tear.


Innovation and Productivity

Sturdy, long-lasting, safe, comfortable, and heavy duty, the Cat 311F RR Excavator can help you accomplish numerous tasks so you don’t have to buy as many machines. Some of the tools it accommodates include numerous bucket sizes, a hydraulic hammer, and a choice of grapples.


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