Monkey Fist – Incredible Concrete Lifting Capabilities

Monkey FistHow It Works

Core drill a 2″ hole, Insert and Lift. It’s that easy. Now you can remove pre-sawn concrete slabs without using a breaker. The Monkey Fist is designed to quickly remove sections of concrete bridge decks, repair road beds or renovate floor space in buildings. To recover The Monkey Fist, just lift the release handle and remove to reuse. Concrete rigging has never been this easy.

Working Load Limit 6500 Pounds.



When a large load is applied, it causes the grip rings of the patented two piece mandrel to expand. This allows the grip pressure to increase proportionately to the weight of the load.

Tested Tough

The Monkey Fist’s forged heat treated components and zinc coated cam lever make it extremely durable for long lasting continual use.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 1.47.33 PM


Diameter / 2in

Overall Height / 8in

Material / Heat Treated Steel

Weight / 10lb

PAT# 8,651,540

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