Maintainer News from CONEXPO 2017

Maintainer Launches Lube Truck of Tomorrow at ConExpo

Maintainer Corporation of Iowa opened the first day of CONEXPOCON/AGG 2017 by officially launching their new Lube Truck design. The Lube Truck of Tomorrow innovations were created with overall owner profitability and operator safety in mind.

“The Lube Truck of Tomorrow is here today,” said Tom Wibben, Maintainer’s Sales & Service Manager. “The improvements incorporated into this new lube design increase efficiency and allow for greater payload. We are confident that customers will see increased returns with their Maintainer lube truck.”

Efficiency in the new design is a result of a new operator-friendly reel compartment layout. The operator should be able to access most functions right from the reel box. The extended step bumper has been removed and product moved lower to the ground, reducing the need to climb.

Center deck access to the tanks improves safety with a wider, illuminated stairway. Serviceability and access to filters and pumps are all improved in the new design.

“The best news for customers is the weight savings in our new lube truck,” said Nathan Schiermeyer, Maintainer’s Engineering Manager. The goal with this truck was to have full product tank capacity and still be road legal, and we have achieved that with this new design. By using lighter, stronger materials in conjunction with more advanced finite element analysis (FEA), we have achieved a more efficient design. Operators can increase payload yet still be in compliance with road and bridge laws.”

Here are just some of the NEW innovations incorporated into the Lube Truck of Tomorrow:

– Efficient hydraulic oil pump kits with lightweight aluminum pumps, HP filters, and digital meters
– 8D flat-sided diesel tank reduced weight significantly over the traditional oval
– The entire compartments under the 8D tank are completely aluminum construction
– Aluminum Used Filter Bin is conveniently located at point of use and plumbed into the EVAC system
– DuaLock aluminum drawer set offers easy access to tools and components in the reel compartment
– DEF and anti-freeze tanks made from lighter composite material
– Steel products tanks on the deck have a new spring and rubber pad mounting system
– A new Boss BA440 reciprocating 40 CFM air compressor saves weight
– Diesel fast fill Pressure-less quick fill system

The truck at ConExpo models Maintainer’s new Sig-4 truck in their Signature Series line. The Sig-4 features 1476 gallons of total tank capacity (1376 live): 1000-gallon 8D diesel, 75-gallon hydraulic oil, 75-gallon engine oil, 50-gallon ATF, 50-gallon gear oil, 55-gallon antifreeze, 55-gallon DEF with stainless steel plumbing, 100-gallon EVAC, and 16-gallon grease drum.

Maintainer is ready to take production order now for the new design. More product information
and video will soon be available at

Maintainer introduces two Electric-Hydraulic Cranes

Maintainer Corporation of Iowa, Inc. is proud to announce the addition of two new 20’ electric-hydraulic and hydraulic cranes to its innovative line of work truck cranes. The new cranes are being launched in conjunction with the second day of CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017.

The EH5520 has a 30,000 foot*pound crane rating and has maximum lift of 5,500 pounds. The EH4520 can lift 4,500 pounds and has a max lift moment of 20,000 foot*pounds. The cranes feature a planetary winch mounted on the boom to maintain cable tension.

“After a brief hiatus in offering the electric over hydraulic cranes,” said Tom Wibben, Sales and Service Manager for Maintainer, “we are now able to offer high-quality Maintainer options for customers who prefer the EH option for their service trucks.”

The new cranes are mounted with a universal 14.75” x 14.75” bolt pattern, which allow the cranes to be added to a variety of truck bodies. The EH5520 and EH4520 are only available in the short-tower design and include several popular features:
– They have a 3 gallon-per-minute power pack for maximized crane speeds.
– There is a self-protecting thermal shutdown built into the 12-volt DC motor.
– A proportional wireless crane remote is standard.
– An optional battery isolator is available to keep the crane battery charged while avoiding a drain on the
chassis battery.

The new cranes will also be offered in full hydraulic versions as well (H4520-ST and H5520-ST). The cranes offer 580 degrees of rotation and boom elevation from -13° to +78°.

About Maintainer
Maintainer Corporation of Iowa, Inc. is located in Sheldon, which is in the northwest corner of Iowa. Maintainer has been manufacturing premium, custom truck bodies, service truck cranes, and rescue vehicles since 1976. You can find out more information at their website: