MAC Trailer Manufacturing is proud to introduce the Lo-Pro Elite

Lo-Pro Elite with Slider (5)

The Lo-Pro Elite is Engineered to provide ultimate capacity for general building materials, pipe and palleted general freight loads with amazing load capacities: 40,000 lbs. in 4 ft.; 43,000 lbs. in 10 ft.; 45,000 lbs. in 20 ft.; 50,000 lbs. in 30 ft. and 70,000 lbs. in 53 ft.. Outstanding empty weight of 9,840 lbs. on base 53 ft. x full 102” width (no pockets, spools or rub band) set-up to receive “Sliding Systems, Inc.” – std. aluminum curtain side kit, weighing 2,440 lbs. total combination weight: 12,280 lbs. This flatbed trailer is specially engineered with a low profile 6.5” neck construction and uniquely designed cross members with .50 6061-T6 alloy upper coupler plate that continues from the front formed pick-up plate through frame transition. Mating with 47 in. 5th wheel plate height offers 106” inside height – deck to bottom of “curtain side” roof bows. The rear deck height of 47-3/4” with “Sliding Systems Inc.” – curtain side kit, rear door opening 101 in. floor to header and 98.25 in.door width. Complete with wide turn arrow mid-turn for better viewing from rear on-coming traffic. Available in 122” spread tandem, fixed closed tandem, closed tandem slider and front or rear sliding axles to meet your specific hauling requirements in North America and can be fitted with pockets, spools and rub band for specific hauls,35487 LS (25) and be fitted with Conestoga style sliding tarp systems. The Sliding System Models ACS (Aluminum Curtainside System) offers multiple packages including 53’ ACS, 53’ ACS Building Products, 53’ ACS Millwork, 48’ ACS, 48’ ACS Building Products and 48’ ACS Millwork. This amazing tarp is an All Aluminum structure with composite swing doors standard with breakaway aluminum hinges. Exclusive Quick Closures on each of the four corners, all corners open independent of each other. Equipped with “Rolling Posts” side supports (permanently attached in separate Top Rail track) cannot be “left” at a delivery site, yet slide out of the way easily for loading. The “Versa Rail” top rail, two track strength engineered extrusion exclusive to SSI. There is a Flip up rear closure handle designed for close in operation, tapered rollers for less friction in the curtain track, sealed ball bearing rollers (never need any lubrication), LED lights in sealed harness as standard and a one piece .050 aluminum roof sheet sealed at edges with rivets every 2 inches. All aluminum front wall .125 front sheet with 1 x 4 aluminum tube structure and 3/4” plywood inner liner and a 28 oz. Mehler Haku fabric curtain with 2×2 continuous weld interior webbing complete with stainless steel latching buckles. Contact MAC Trailer manufacturing today for your next perfect trailer or visit us at