K-Tec Innovates New Pusher Block Tractor Accessory

K-Tec Earthmovers announce a Pusher Block that turns a 400+HP Tractor into a fast moving dozer!

PusherBlock1K-Tec Earthmovers have released a new accessory for 400+HP Tractors involved in earthmoving operations. The Pusher Block system replaces the front suitcase weights on the tractor, offering more weight in the front of the unit for a balanced weight distribution. The tractor may then be able to assist as a piece of support equipment in the push-loading of another scraper; while also pull its own scraper, packer, or ripper discs.

The K-Tec Pusher Block enables the tractor to become a more versatile and nimble piece of pushing equipment than a crawler dozer. Comparing the tractor pusher block to a dozer, the contractor is able to burn less fuel, reduce undercarriage costs by a minimum of 50%, and have higher speed mobility to reverse back to the start of the cut in time to push the next scraper for loading.


The pusher-block comes with cushion-push technology to reduce the strain on operators and structural equipment.  K-Tec strives to provide leading edge earthmoving equipment and accessories for contractors to successfully and efficiently transform landscapes.

For ordering information or product demonstration request, please visit www.ktec.com

About K-Tec Earthmovers Inc.

K-Tec Earthmovers Inc. believes they have developed the most profitable, productive way to move dirt. Founded in 2000, K-Tec provides its customers with high quality scraper equipment for purchase through their authorized dealers around the globe. Their offerings include Direct Mount, Train and ADT scrapers in a variety of model specifications to fit any construction project. K-Tec’s growth is attributed to a strong product, after-sale services and their industry-leading warranty policies. They strive to provide leading edge earthmoving equipment for their customers to successfully and efficiently transform landscapes now and into the future.