John Deere Unveils Tier 4 Utility Wheel Loaders

624K_largeJohn Deere has recently released three new models of its K-Series 4WD Wheel Loaders that meet Final Tier 4 emissions standards. This engine revamping allows John Deere to feature multiple improvements to the 624K, 644K and 724K for increased resilience and efficiency, longer uptimes and lower operating expenses.

The purpose of upgrading the K-Series engines to Final Tier 4 specifications was to install the engine with little effect on the overall machine. This allowed Deere to uphold the superior performance that its customers expect from John Deere wheel loaders. The company listened to customer’s suggestions for improvement, and the engineering team implemented those solutions, including improvements to the axle and other feature enhancements that target the needs of the wheel loader operator.

The integration of a John Deere PowerTech EPA Final Tier 4/EU Stage IV engine produces remarkable torque that enhances good boom and bucket speed, even with heavy loads or on wet or hard packed surfaces. The new wheel loader versions are equal in weight with the Interim Tier 4 predecessor and have the same outer measurements. Moreover, the change over from an Interim Tier 4 to a Final Tier 4 engine causes no decrease in visibility.

The K-Series has added multiple axle enhancements for improved resiliency in difficult conditions, including brake adjustor and retractors on the Teammate V axles and standard axle filtration and cooling. The standard axle filtration and cooling maintains the axle oil and other elements at cooler temperatures during hard braking and heavy load carry jobs.

The filtration process removes wear particles and other contaminants from the axle oil. This additional protection improves the dependability, power, and lifespan of the engine. The addition of automatic self-adjusters and brake reactors reduces brake drag and sustains brake running clearance with less heat and better efficiency.

724K_largeJohn Deere added a standard five-speed lockup torque converter (LUTC) transmission to the K-Series 4WD utility vehicles for better fuel efficiency. This engineering joins the drivetrain directly with the engine to produce full power during uphill and downhill situations, reducing energy and fluid consumption by five to eight percent.

In addition to enhancements in engine performance, John Deere added several standard features to improve on operator comfort. The new K-Series models now include Level 1 Sound Suppression – offering a quiet cab and air conditioning. The Level 1 Sound Suppression nearly eliminates engine noise in the cab, significantly increasing productivity on worksites that have noise restrictions. The Quiet cab feature controls the interior cab climate and keeps the windshield clear of fog and ice.

644K_largeTo maximize uptime, John Deere equipped the K-Series models with remote battery terminals for jump-starting the engine. The engine housing can stay locked while the batteries charge – lowering the risk of theft.

Deere & Company trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:DE), and offers products and services to improve harvesting, cultivation, transformation and enrichment of crops and land. The company has been in business since 1837, and remains committed to helping its customers supply the world’s population with fuel, food, and shelter.


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