Caterpillar subjected five brands of fuel filters to intense testing simulating real-world conditions. Only the Cat® filter reached the end of the test before fuel injector failure.

As injector pressures inside today’s engines increase, maximizing injector life means limiting the size and number of particles that get through the fuel filter. While all fuel filters remove some abrasive particles, many just aren’t effective at capturing and retaining those contaminants most damaging to expensive fuel system components.

To prove that point, Caterpillar tested five fuel filter brands to compare injector life. The results show that replacing injectors prematurely is an unnecessary expense that can be avoided through the use Cat filters.


Testing Process Simulated Harsh Operating Conditions

Caterpillar tested injector life in a Cat C9 engine fuel system, using a test rig consisting of a factory cylinder head, fuel injectors, fuel pump, lines and electronics. Highly contaminated fuel was circulated through the system at rated and high idle to simulate an extremely harsh operating environment.

The test was terminated if the injector exhibited a leakage rate three times that of new or achieved 50 hours in duration.

Injectors with Cat Filtration Lasted 45% Longer

Of the five filters tested, only one—the Cat 1R-0749 Advanced High Efficiency Fuel Filter—reached the end of the test before fuel injector failure. In fact, injectors with Cat filtration lasted a full 45% longer than the nearest competitor, which could result in a cost-per-hour reduction of as much as 80%.

Injectors with the other filters tested, however, experienced leakage rates three times that of new, significant erosion and leak paths, and high levels of contaminants.

Real-World Validation Reveals 41% Increase in Injector Life

A Cat dealer shared these injector testing results with a company operating multiple Cat machines, including dozers and wheel loaders. This company was using another brand of filters and had concerns about reduced life on fuel system components.

After reviewing the testing data, the company asked to validate the results with an onsite test. Caterpillar helped develop a test comparing a Cat secondary fuel filter to a similar aftermarket filter the company was using.

A comprehensive analysis of the data revealed a 41% increase in injector life with the Cat filter. The competitive filter experienced two times more performance loss throughout the life of the injector compared to the Cat filter.

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