Fully Integrated Excavator Attached Pile Driving System Hits the Market


Company Wrench and MKT Manufacturing, Inc. come together to offer new fully integrated excavator-hung pile driving systems that are now available for sale and rent. With upgraded functionality and no assembly required, the package is ready to roll off a lowboy trailer and begin driving pile immediately. This new adaptation of the industry proven MKT V5-ESC and V2-ESC vibratory hammer saves on fuel, manpower, and is more environmentally safe.

MKT found its start in 1897 manufacturing hand-held drills and steam breakers that were used to build the tunnels under the New York Harbor. In 1985, the MKT product line was purchased by Mississippi Valley Equipment Company. Over the last thirty years, MKT has focused on serving the pile driving vibratory hammer industry.


MKT vibratory hammers are one of the leading pile driving attachments due to their simple, rugged design. In the past, other manufacturers have tried to gain a foothold in the vibratory hammer market, but due to more expensive, over complicated systems that were difficult to maintain, the products were not popular. MKT’s V2ESE and V5ESE attachments are a proven technology that has been used on Crane pile driving applications for the last 20 years and have modified the unit to be able to work from an excavator. With an additional adaptor, operators can drive and extract timber pile, as well as large diameter pipe (from 20 inches to four feet).

Company Wrench’s engineering team has fully integrated the excavator-attached system by interfacing the control panel to the machine, installing an auxiliary hydraulic circuit with priority flow control, and modifying the excavator joystick grips for all functions and interlocks. This alleviates the need for an auxiliary power engine and hydraulic hoses running to the attachment, erasing the need for a remote control operator, reducing diesel fuel expenditure by 4-5 gallons per hour, and reducing the risk of environmental contamination due to leaking hydraulic hoses dangling from the pile driving attachment to the auxiliary power unit. By integrating all controls to the joysticks, the excavator operator can control all systems from inside the cab. To offer maximum versatility, the modified excavator-hung attachment can still convert to a crane-hung scenario with the traditional power unit.

Additional information and rental availability can be found on www.companywrench.com

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Source: http://companywrench.com/mkt_piledriving.html

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