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DX235LCR reduced tail swing model is powered by Doosan engines.
DX235LCR reduced tail swing model is powered by Doosan engines.

Three New Tier 4-Compliant Crawler Excavators

One of the highlights of a dealer’s year is adding impressive new machines to the lineup. Doosan launches DX180LC-5, DX225LC-5, DX235LCR-5 excavators with Smart Power Control, and we at Equipment East couldn’t be happier. With added features in components and improvements in comfort, as well as Smart Power Control and Variable Speed Control, improving efficiency and reducing fuel consumption, it’s hard not to get excited about these iron monsters. Just let the Specs speak for themselves:

DX180LC-5 powered by Perkins diesel, has 129 horsepower
– 43,224 lb machine
– 29-foot 7-inch max digging reach
– 20-foot max dig depth
– 21-foot 3-inch max loading height.

DX225LC powered by Doosan engines, providing 162 and 181 hp, respectively
– 22-metric-ton
– 31 feet, 10 inches max digging reach
– 21-ft., 7-in. digging depth
– 22-ft., 5-in. loading height
*A super long reach configuration for additional dig and depth is available, increasing reach to 50 feet, digging depth to 38 ft., 2 in. and loading height to 35 ft., 6 in.

DX235LCR reduced tail swing model
– Doosan engines providing 162 and 181 hp, respectively
– 23-metric ton

– 31 feet, 7 inches max digging reach
– 21-ft., 10-in. digging depths
– 26-ft. loading height, respectively.

Equip East4AND, New Tier 4 Wheel Loaders

_Two new Tier 4 wheel loaders are now open for orders – the new DL200-5 and DL200TC-5 machines. _
Contact your sales specialist directly, or Equipment East at 978-454-3320.

What’s Coming?

Customer Experience Event

EquipEast5You see the deals. You hear the good reputation. But, you still want to try the machines for yourselves. That’s just what the ROC is for! Customers are welcome to come and play with equipment for themselves.

Sign up for the showcase – a full Doosan line-up November 17:
“On a typical demo, the customer operates one machine and then goes about their day. At The ROC, you have a captive audience for the full day and that same customer might just see other machines they were unaware of but now they consider,” says Dane Lowry of RGW Equipment. Register now for the November 17 Customer Experience event at The ROC.

Customers chat with other customers, talk to equipment experts, and of course, test out Doosan machines to their hearts’ content.

For more information about attending the ROC, contact your sales specialist directly, or Equipment East at 978-454-3320.


DX235LCR reduced-tail-swing excavator in town of Scituate.
DX235LCR reduced-tail-swing excavator in town of Scituate.

R&D Site Development’s Scituate Project

Who do you call with a 3-year project, replacing a piping system with sediment in the water? With a little help from Equipment East, it’s Doosan to save the day, again!

Brown water is enough to make a stomach turn, so who could blame the town of Scituate, MA when they had finally had enough. Utility contractor, R&D Site Development owners, called upon their local Doosan dealer, Equipment East, when they needed a machine to trench in limited-access areas. Owners Bill Daley and Steve Reppucci purchased a DX235LCR reduced-tail-swing excavator for the job.


Equipment East’s Doosan Deals

From now until October 31, 2015, Doosan is offering some fall specials that Equipment East is fully loaded to equip our customers with. If customers need a strong warranty, financing, or lease program, check out what autumn deals Doosan currently has available.

Doosan Dealer Rental Rate Programs

Interest rates as low as 0 percent for 60 months are offered on select excavators, wheel loaders and articulated dump trucks. Ask your Equipment East dealer about available machines.

Doosan 3-year 5,000 Hour Warranty Program

When customers buy a brand new iT4 and T4 model, you will receive a free 3-year, 5,000-hour Engine/Powertrain Warranty on select models:

Crawler Excavators

DX60R, DX63R-3, DX80R, DX85R-3, DX140LC-3, DX140LC-5, DX140LCR-3,DX140LCR-5, DX180LC-3, DX210MH, DX225LC-3, DX225LC-5, DX225MH-3, DX235LCR, DX235LCR-5, DX255LC-3, DX255LC-5, DX300LC-3, DX300LC-5, DX300MH-5, DX350LC-3, DX350LC-5, DX420LC-3, DX420LC-5, DX490LC-3, DX490LC-5, DX530LC-3, DX530LC-5

Wheel Excavators

DX140W-3, DX140W-5, DW190W-3, DX190W-5, DX210WE-5

Log Loaders

DX225LL-5, DX300LL-3, DX300LL-5

Wheel Loaders

DL200-3, DL200-5 DL200TC-3, DL220-3, DL250-3, DL250-5, DL250TC-3, DL250TC-5, DL300-3, DL300-5, DL350-3, DL350-5, DL420-3, DL420-5, DL450-3, DL450-5, DL550-3, DL550-5

Articulated Dump Trucks

DA30, DA30-5, DA40, DA40-5

Doosan Special Finance Rate Programs

Doosan Heavy Finance Programs are currently available with interest rates as low as 0 percent for 36 months on NEW excavators, wheel loaders and articulated dump trucks.

Sell as Low as Programs

Doosan is offering a Sell as Low as finance program of $2,979 on specifically configured DX225LC-5 using a rate of 1.9% for 60 months and/or $2,599 per month on specifically configured DL250-5 using a rate of 1.9% for 60 months.

The Doosan Targeted PowerLease

This program offers low monthly lease payments on select models:

• DX140LC-5 for as low as $2,199/month USD

• DX140LCR-5 for as low as $2,299/month USD

• DX225LC-5 for as low as $2,499/month USD

• DX350LC-5 for as low as $3,999/month USD

• DL250-5 for as low as $2,199/month USD

*The program has a 36-month term. The Targeted PowerLease is also available for the DX140LC-3, DX140LCR-3, DX225LC-3, and the DL250-3. Models are eligible with select configurations only.

Three DX420LC and Ramfos hydraulic breaker
Three DX420LC and Ramfos hydraulic breaker


Summer Job Sites

Doosan’s three DX420LC and Ramfos hydraulic hammer at job site in Dracut, MA, breaking large rock to prepare for crushing into an even smaller, reusable rock products.

Equipment East servicing a Doosan DX420
Equipment East servicing a Doosan DX420

Equipment East is to the rescue, servicing this sold Doosan excavator, DX420. New or used, Equipment East provides service for all equipment that we sell. At our facility or a customer’s site, we are available if a breakdown or routine maintenance is needed.

Cashman Equipment rented Doosan’s DX490 from Equipment East. Working on the jetty was not a typical “day at the beach” in Salisbury State Park, MA, but at least this hardworking excavator may have made their work day easier.

EquipEast9Equipment East’s New Facility Under Construction

Every kid needs a yard to play in, and that’s just what we’re building for customers with our new Equipment East facility. The new facility is located next door to our current location with plenty of outdoor space for equipment display and equipment storage. Customers can expect more parking, as well as efficient radiant heating throughout the entire facility for the comfort of our customers and employees.

Equipment East's new location
Equipment East’s new location

Our commitment to service, sales, parts, and rentals will not change. Both customers and employees benefit from our new state of the art, 40,000 sq ft facility. The building consists of a 15,750 sq ft service shop with 8 double bays, a welding bay, and a wash bay. It will feature 2-10 ton cranes spanning the entire service area and provide over 1,550 sq ft of office space. The parts area is 11,500 sq ft inside and has an additional outdoor parts storage area.

We expect completion to be in Fall 2016. Keep an eye out in future newsletters and our social networks to stay apprised of our facility’s progress.

Ghost of Winter Past Prepares Sarris’ Future Snow Removal

EquipEast11After the record-breaking snow fall of last winter, it’s smart to be prepared for the worst this coming season. Plenty of contractors are getting a head start on the coming storms, like snow removal contractor, George Sarris, who is planning for the future winter:

“The Doosan DL200-3 and DL200TC-3 (tool carrier) are the perfect size for me,” Sarris says of the 12-metric-ton wheel loaders. “The quality of the machines is what impressed me. They do an excellent job of removing snow, and the cab is roomy and comfortable for the operators.”

Doosan loaders’ cabs are sealed and pressurized, as well as heated, helping keep operators cozy and focused on their work. Specifically, operators don’t even have to leave the cab of the DL200TC-3 wheel loader to make non-hydraulic attachment changes with the hydraulic quick coupler. In addition, the tool carrier’s parallel-lift linkage design provides visibility to the bucket when connecting or disconnecting attachments to a wheel loader

Taking initiative and preparing for the coming storms is one method of breaking that pending ice of winter. Be sure to contact Equipment East if you’re interested in a severe snow removal solution.


“Doosan Real Work Stories: Ralph DiGiorgio with Doosan Wheel Loaders and Crawler Excavators”

Ralph DiGiorgio’s site utility company, D&M Civil Inc., was looking to replace some heavy equipment. The bright orange of Doosan may have made the machines stand out visually, but it was performance that made them stand tall compared to competitors. Different manufacturers were compared and tested by the crew, but the operators chose Doosan.

There are key factors that swayed DiGiorgio to make the switch to Doosan’s loaders: power in the machine, visibility in the cab, and fuel efficiency.

“[W]hen Ralph DiGiorgio compared Doosan equipment to the competition, he knew the orange machines belonged on his job site. His operators agreed as soon as they got behind the wheel of their first Doosan crawler excavator and DL300 wheel loader. Offering greater power, improved cab visibility, and better fuel efficiency, Doosan equipment helps DiGiorgio and his crew get more done and for less money.”

Reliability with a machine and the dealer’s maintenance were bonus points for DiGiorgio, saving both time and money. Doosan makes the tough machines, and Equipment East keeps them up and running.


Join the Equipment East team! Become a part of an equal opportunity group who sees each individual as more than just an employee.

– Parts Personnel:
Be the Part’s counter personnel. Must be computer savvy and very organized, detailed oriented and a hard worker, knowledge of heavy equipment. Making hydraulic hoses is preferred, but not required. Valid drivers’ license needed.

– Heavy Equipment Mechanic:
Upkeep diesel heavy equipment, loaders, excavators, etc. MSHA certification preferred.

– Full Charge Bookkeeper:
Manage accounting and inventory, self-train on industry-specific software with online training. A self-motivated and detail-oriented individual would fit best.

– Doosan Sales Representative:
Promote sales and rental concepts to customers, educating them in proper equipment applications along with technology advancements that enable greater productivity.

Thank You!

Many thanks to our staff and technicians for their hard work, dedication and commitment to providing our customers with outstanding customer service.

Our service team is factory trained by Ramfos, Doosan, Yanmar, and Duetz, as well as Scania, Cummins, and Isuzu certified. It is all part of our efforts to better serve our customers.

To our customers, your business is appreciated and your relationship valued. We hope that we can continue to service all of your equipment needs. Your feedback is important to us and we appreciate hearing from you.

If you have comments or suggestions for the newsletter, feel free to contact us.
Hours of operation: M-F 7am – 5pm, Sat 8am – 1pm
Additional hours by appointment for machine viewing
Phones are covered 24/7 with live answer.

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