Equify and Auction Customers Unite to Sponsor a Veteran

It’s likely you, or someone close to you, has a direct connection with someone in the armed forces. What you may never know is their whole story.

Equify, a Fort Worth based equipment finance company, has several ties with the armed forces and as a company, continuously dedicates time and effort to supporting the military however they can. However, 2016 showed the heart of the company and their customers in a profound way.

Over the course of 2016, Equify received several items donated by The Boot Campaign to run through their auction events. Items such as combat boots signed by retired Navy Seal and Lone Survivor author, Marcus Luttrell and combat boots signed by Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo. Equify had hopes of raising money, but managed to surpass all expectations, ultimately raising over $18,000 through the generous support and donations of their auction customers. A Kimber Custom II .45 acp Boot Campaign Edition custom gun, was repeatedly bid on, won and re-donated in order to raise more money. This
item alone raised nearly all of the final donated amount.

The Boot Campaign has assembled a dedicated team of experts, focused on the science of the brain of veterans. The difference with this approach is, they want to get to the root cause of what these veterans are experiencing in order to treat them, not just cover them up. The ability to treat each veteran as an
individual gives them a better chance at surviving. Through the combined efforts of The Boot Campaign, Equify and their customer base, a veteran has now been sponsored and will soon receive diagnostics and brain treatment to combat TBI, PTS, insomnia, pain and addiction. No story of a veteran is the same,
therefore no treatment plan is the same.

Equify continues to raise money and awareness through involvement in programs like ReBoot and the Boot Campaign. The goal for 2017 will be, at the very least, to sponsor a second veteran. If you have items you wish to donate to have them auctioned off through Equify, please reach out to katydabbert@equifyllc.com. If you’d like to know more about The Boot Campaign and their ongoing efforts for veterans, please check their website at www.bootcampaign.org.

Equify works directly with business owners and has discovered 5 pulse points of a healthy business. They have identified major weak points within the equipment based industry and developed their Healthy Business Checklist to begin walking business owners through the process of strengthening their business. By tailoring a plan to fit business needs, Equify can strengthen your business as a one-stop-shop for finance, insurance, auctions and appraisals.