Dynapac SD2550CS Tracked Paver with R300TVE Rigid Screed

Dynapac News EN_0805_tran_2.inddNew from Atlas Copco Road Construction Equipment the Dynapac SD2550CS paver equipped with the new Dynapac R300TVE rigid screed is a machine offering big paving capacity with lowest cost per ton. Together, the Dynapac SD2550CS paver and the Dynapac MF2500CS material feeder make a great paving team, meeting the needs of contractors, communities and rental companies around the world. The superior screed system and the new version of the intelligent Pave Manager 2.0 control system contribute to highest mat quality.

The R&D team has worked hard to improve a number of features on the new paver, focusing on the operator environment and control systems, total cost of ownership, and achieving the highest quality.

Superior operator comfort and control
The Dynapac SD2550CS offers a number of features designed to enhance operator comfort and control – we call it the Human Machine Interface. The new dashboard is in itself revolutionary. Ergonomically positioned and designed based on recommendations from operators, it creates easy to understand analogue signs in a digital display. To make work easy for screed operators wearing gloves, the smart screed remote controls also have toggle switches for screed extensions and leveling cylinder function.

The easy-to-learn and operate intuitive dashboard is equipped with a camera system. This offers a 360 degree view, giving the operator even greater control over the paving job by monitoring the process on a high resolution display on the dashboard.

Flexibility for best possible job quality
The Dynapac SD2550CS is suitable for highway paving up to 14 m, with a theoretical production capacity of 1,100 t/h. The heating system with a 60 kW generator and the screed heating system ensure faster heating up to the full working width.

The big hopper (2.6 m deep and with 15 t capacity), a 1.3 m wide material tunnel and a 500 mm diameter auger system provides the smooth material flow required while paving wide sections. The paver is also available with a big material hopper and, when used together with the new Dynapac MF2500CS material feeder, the paving performance can be 30% higher.bsp;

The hydraulic drive system features thermostatic fan control for efficient cooling.

The Safe Impact system with hydraulic push roller safeguards the paver from impacts from trucks.

The drive unit is based on the common design concept, offering customers the choice of a Stage IIIA as well as Stage IIIB engine.

A wide choice of screeds
A number of screeds are suitable for the Dynapac SD2550CS paver: the Dynapac V5100/6000 TVE (tamper vibration) screeds, V5100/6000TVH (high compaction) screeds as well as the Dynapac R300TVE rigid screed.

The R300TVE is a tamper vibration rigid screed with a basic width of 3 m that can be extended with mechanical extension boxes up to a maximum width of 14 m. In order to operate with variable paving width, the screed can also be offered with hydraulic extensions at the end, which are 1.3 m wide and would extend to 2.6 m maximum width. This screed is designed to offer a smooth surface finish due to its rigid construction.

VarioSpeed – innovation that reduces energy costs
The unique VarioSpeed gives optimal rpm at all times! VarioSpeed is an optional RCE patented drive concept that recognizes the required rpm for the specific working situation. A computer senses and controls the required number of revolutions, infinitely! This option saves up to 15% of energy costs, fuel consumption decreases and the life of the paver engine is prolonged. Any SD Paver can be upgraded to VarioSpeed at any time.

Service and maintenance
The common service and parts concept for all RCE tracked and wheeled pavers enables efficient and economical service and maintenance. All maintenance points are easily accessible.

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