Construction Equipment Company Expands Manufacturing Capabilities

In 2009, the economy threw a sucker punch and knocked the wind out of the manufacturing industry.  Forward a few years later, many are still resting in their corners and waiting to get their first deep breath.

Construction Equipment Company CEO Gary Smith and Company Chairman Roger Smith, on the other hand, are dusting off and coming out swinging.

Construction Equipment Company expanded in early 2013 with a 24,000 square foot manufacturing facility and 2000 square foot paint shop on 8 acres in nearby Sheridan, Oregon.   While some may think that the decision to expand could have been premature, the father and son duo thought it the perfect time to build.

CEC Plant with sign

Said Gary Smith,” With the market on the way to recovery, we thought this was the perfect opportunity to expand our product line and better serve our customers.”

The shop is the perfect compliment to the Tualatin, OR home office facility, which has been in operation for more than thirty years.  The additional equipment, floor space, and man power will put CEC in the perfect position to continue to be a forerunner in the aggregate industry.

In a market that will soon be making up for lost time, there will undoubtedly be some who are caught playing catch up.  When the bell rings for another round, however, Construction Equipment Company is more than ready.