Coldest Journey Expedition Changing Course in Antarctica

Cat D6N on the ice_webThe Coldest Journey expedition is changing course in Antarctica.

The five-man Ice Team and the Cat® D6Ns will now spend the winter at high altitudes in Antarctica, allowing them to focus on advanced scientific work.

It will also provide an unprecedented test for the Cat machines, exposing them to what is in essence a gigantic cold chamber in the coldest part of the world at the coldest time of the year.

The Coldest Journey team elected to take on the new challenge after encountering a severe and extensive crevasse field along the planned route.

Although the D6Ns were designed to deal with the crevasse fields, expedition leaders say there was not enough time left for a safe winter crossing of Antarctica.

While disappointed, the Cat Finning engineers on the expedition, Spencer Smirl and Richmond Dykes, are looking forward to the new phase of the Coldest Journey.

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