Why Choose DSC Dredge, LLC?

DSC’s philosophy for manufacturing dredge is different than most other dredge manufacturers. DSC offers customized dredging solutions and not just an off the shelf product. We believe each dredge is a work of art that is designed specifically for a particular application. We work with the end user of the equipment to understand the complete project and project goals and then propose the solutions. Our goal is to tailor each dredge to our customer’s specified requirements and customize the dredge to the type of work it will be used for. This thinking allows for DSC’s dredging equipment to be designed for the highest efficiencies and to overcome the challenges of a specific project. While DSC does have standard product lines that were developed to guide our clients to a certain dredge model for their application; a high majority of DSC’s equipment is customized for application specific parameters. This allows the highest chance for success and profitability for our clients. Some examples of this can be seen in DSC’s electric equipment designs. Since DSC is heavily engaged in the dredge mining industry, a lot of our designs involve using electricity as the primary power source for the equipment. Since 2005 DSC had successfully designed, manufactured and commissioned electric dredging equipment over forty (40) projects. These electric dredging projects vary from smaller dredges to dredges utilizing total installed power exceeding 4,000 HP (3,000 kW).

DSC’s clients really get to see the benefit of owning DSC’s equipment after the sale. DSC relies on its reputation as its biggest marketing tool; so a happy and successful customer is what drives DSC’s success. DSC’s field service team has traveled the world to commission and support DSC’s products.

Some other philosophies DSC has adopted to separate us from other manufacturers is the way we share information with our clients to support the operational and maintenance efforts to keep DSC’s equipment running with the highest availability in the industry. DSC does not privatize OEM parts. We promote the concept of our clients being able to maintain DSC equipment through local vendors. DSC uses high quality OEM vendors that have global networks to make sure our clients have the opportunity to find spare parts locally where other manufacturers force their clients to single source these parts from them as they privatize equipment labels. DSC builds to strict building codes in order to promote the highest quality of equipment, designs and safety. DSC holds quality in the highest regard and has invested in a Quality Control program that ensures the highest quality. DSC fully load tests all equipment prior to shipment including dredge pump performance testing and validation of OEM pump curves. Because DSC subscribes to these philosophies, DSC’s equipment has the highest resale value in the industry offering a true investment in capital equipment.

DSC hosts one of the largest dredge design/engineering capacities in the USA. DSC was founded and is still owned and operated by engineers. DSC dedicates all of its resources to provide a quality engineered product that will meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. DSC’s dredge engineering and design staff includes multiple disciplined Professional Engineers, seasoned designers and automation specialists. We don’t outsource our designs or automation features as we want our customers to understand we have all the in‐house resources to design, manufacture and maintain our products.

DSC’s Operational Team includes industry professionals for dredge sales, part sales, customer service, field service specialists, documentation specialists, procurement, financial services, operations and project management. Our manufacturing personnel include mechanics, hydraulic technicians, electrical technicians, fitters, welders, painters & supporting general service personnel. While DSC is highly known as the quality dredge leader, DSC also relies on administrative professionals to make sure the business is run efficiently, effectively and profitably. DSC’s executive teams make sure DSC’s products are price competitive while making sure an acceptable return is available to continually and consistently service our customer base.

With over 200 dredge equipment packages sold over the last decade, DSC has one of the broadest equipment selections from 8” (200 mm) to 36” (900 mm) discharge sizes. Our dredge designs take us from a small single truck portable dredge to the deepest mining dredge in the Western Hemisphere with dredging depth capability of 200’ (61 m). From simple mechanically controlled dredges to automated dredges – DSC offers anything a dredge user requires.

As with any manufacturing firm, we must first provide the principal and particular information that outlines the major equipment included on our dredges. Components such as; dredge pump size/type, engine size/type, cutter power, must be identified to provide the core layer of comparing one manufacturer to another. DSC provides an engineered product unlike our competition by evaluating the project requirements, geographical conditions, water quality, maintenance requirements and all the way through the buyers paint scheme. We believe the best dredge in the world is the dredge you want. Yes ‐ we guide you through the engineering experience, recommend items for the benefit of the buyer and listen to your needs to provide the quality product that our buyers require. How about convent location of greasing points so a dredge crew member can handle the daily lubrication requirements from a common area to provide not only efficiency but to also limit an exposure to an unsafe work requirement. How about providing customers with original equipment manufacturers part numbers to allow for local procurement of wear and maintenance items? How about machine design drawings for pins, bushing and shafts that are included in our operational manuals so our customers can get immediate and local service when required? How about an inventory unmatched with parts available for the most frequent maintenance requirements? These are things you can expect from DSC as a standard practice – but how do you put this in a specification.

How about WOW? DSC has actual customer testimonials that state “every time someone visits our dredge their response is WOW – I wish I could write that into all of our equipment specifications.” But there is a simple reason for these type of comments made about DSC’s equipment. Each and every time that a customer has contact with DSC, they must be impressed by how they were treated. DSC’s industry reputation is impacted each and every time a customer is “touched” by a DSC representative. This reputation is a key element in differentiating DSC from other manufactures and precedes even the initial contact with a prospective client. DSC believes that the customer experience must be at an extremely high level and is of utmost importance in accomplishing its strategic goal.

DSC believes that educating our employees and our customers is the only true path to success. DSC consistently presents both technical and informative papers and presentations at industry functions both in the USA and in other countries. These presentations and papers offer information for the industry including; technology advances, new products, unbiased dredging equipment comparisons, how to select dredging equipment, performance estimating, design philosophy, etc. DSC has recently added educational training services known as the Dreducation™ Class. This class is industry‐specific but not brand‐specific, and is open to the general public. The class has been designed to educate both industry newcomers and current dredge operators on how to become more productive and enable them to work more efficiently. The class covers the fundamentals of dredging with topics such as: how centrifugal pumps work, how to read a Theoretical Pump Curve (TPC), dredge pump efficiency and how it affects HP requirements, types of excavators and their advantages/disadvantages, pipeline size, velocity, friction and production and reading and interpreting gauges. The Dreducation™ Class is another above and beyond service we offer to the dredging industry.

You can view all of DSC Dredge LLC’s Inventory online at Rock & Dirt.