Cat’s 336F H Hybrid Transitioning To Tier 4 Final Engine

Once it is outfitted with the EPA-certified Tier 4 Final Cat C9.3 ACERT engine, the already-powerful Cat 336F H excavator will feature maximized performance alongside greater fuel and energy efficiency. Featuring a 30-percent reduction in fuel consumption over standard 336 models, the 336F H Hybrid helps minimize recurring fuel costs.


Powerful and Environmentally Friendly

The Cat 336F H Hybrid is more than just EPA compliant – it meets today’s toughest environmental regulations, running on biodiesel blends of up to B20. However, this doesn’t compromise the machine’s power. The Cat 336F H Hybrid uses the following fuel reduction measures:

  • An automatic engine speed control that drops engine speed when there are no/light loads
  • An engine shutdown application that cuts the engine’s power after a certain amount of idle time
  • A programmable ECO setting that operators can use to optimize the excavator’s performance for its task.

Hydraulic Pump and Increased Performance

This hydraulic excavator’s Electronic Standardized Programmable hydraulic pump reduces fuel use by customizing engine output with the load’s needs. The programmable pump, coupled with the Cat Adaptive Control System, maximizes performance. It also cuts energy by carefully controlling machine operations to ensure power is available only when it’s needed. Unlike other heavy machinery, such as asphalt compactors and track loaders, this excavator is inexpensive and compliant and offers tremendous performance.

Energy Storage Equals Greater Fuel Efficiency

When this high-powered excavator decelerates its lever, the innovative Cat Swing Energy Recovery Valve deploys, acquiring kinetic energy and storing it to be converted to hydraulic energy later. That hydraulic energy will help the swing motor accomplish swing acceleration. Not only does this process reduce fuel, but it also reduces load stress – minimizing wear.

Enhanced Features

The 336F H is a robust piece of heavy-duty machinery, and enjoys strong hydraulic flow and high main relief pressure. These features produce enough energy to support numerous buckets and work tools – including rippers, multi-processors, hydraulic breakers, and shears. It’s sturdy work platform facilitates digging, lifting, and the use of attachments. The excavator supports either a 10’6” or 12’10” stick.

Comfort and Control

Operators have the option to work more productively from the 336F H than from other heavy equipment and compaction units. The excavator features an expansive operator’s environment that reduces sound. Operators are subject to only 64.9 dB(A), which translates to greater worker focus and reduced potential for hearing damage.

The 336F H’s comfort features include heated, air-suspended seats; customizable joystick controls; and an automatic climate control system. For operator safety, the machine includes a roll-over-protection structure (ROPS), anti-skid surfaces, easily stored upper and lower windows, a rearview camera system, a large skylight, and programmable halogen working lights.

Longevity and Simple Maintenance

It’s easy to access the electric fuel system priming pump, remote fuel tank drain, and fuel level indicator on the 336F H, which means conducting maintenance is simpler. Due to its stout construction and easy maintenance routines, this excavator is certain to last for years.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Fuel efficient and sturdy, the 336F H also maximizes productivity with Cat Connect, the on-board system that combines Cat Control Depth and Slope, Product Link, and other optional software programs. These programs provide insight on positioning, safety, performance data, and other important information.


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