Caterpillar Adds AP300D Paver to the Paving Product Family

news_5940_0_mainCaterpillar announces the addition of the AP300D paver to its paving products family. Many integrated features make this paver extremely productive for paving parking lots, urban streets, cycle and walking paths, trenches, narrow shoulders, as well as other small and medium job sites.

Contractors will appreciate the new hydrostatic drive system that delivers tight turning capability, excellent traction, and high travel speeds for efficient maneuverability around the job site. Flexible paving widths and precise mix control to the electrically heated screed make this machine extremely productive.

The Cat® AP300D weighs 7400 kg (16,314 lb), enabling easy transport with other equipment. The standard paving range is 1700 mm to 3200 mm (5′ 7″ – 10′ 6″), and with extensions can pave up to 4000 mm (13′ 1″). When equipped with the central paving attachment, the range is reduced to 650 mm (26″) providing additional versatility for narrow applications.

When moving to the next starting point, a fast travel speed of up to 16 km/h (10 mph), and a tight outside turning radius of 1.65 m (5’5″) provide excellent mobility for quick movement around the job site. For enhanced traction on soft and hard base conditions, the front wheel assist option performs admirably.

The operating environment comes standard with dual seats and a single sliding control console. The fully adjustable seats can extend beyond the machine frame for good visibility when paving near curbs and other obstacles. The seats can also be adjusted from side-to-side and front-to-back on the pedestal frame, enhancing visibility and ergonomics. In addition, improved operator comfort is provided with the choice of a manual or hydraulic folding canopy. Both canopies are equipped with extending wings, offering protection when the operator is positioned beyond the machine frame. Full instrumentation provides the operator with complete control of all major systems, while a lockable cover protects console controls.

The mix delivery system has many unique features including independent hopper control for working near buildings and other obstacles. Independent control of each auger and conveyor offers precise delivery to each side of the screed when paving at varying widths. The augers and conveyors are reversible, limiting spills and reducing handwork at the end of the paving pass. The high clearance of the hydraulically adjustable augers facilitates easier loading and unloading when transporting.

The powerful Cat C4.4 ACERTâ„¢ engine meets applicable European Union emission standards and produces 55.5 kW (74.4 hp) of power. A high capacity cooling system provides cool intake air that maximizes fuel efficiency and minimizes emissions. The system also promotes comfort by directing warmer exhaust air away from the operator.

The AS3173 screed utilizes a tractor-equipped generator to power the electrically heated screed plates for an operator-friendly environment. Temperature sensors and multi-zone heating elements in each section including the optional extensions ensure quick, even-heat distribution throughout the screed plates. For improved mat quality, the screed assist feature maintains consistent pressure on the mix in order to prevent settling and improve smoothness. Installation and removal of the screed extensions takes approximately 30 minutes, an efficient feature that contractors appreciate when planning for multiple job sites.


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