CAT Machines Help Build Supercross Track Thanks to the CAT Rental Store

supercrossThe Avesco Cat® Rental Store provided four Cat machines to sculpt 2,800 square meters of dirt into jumps, bumps and a bridge for the 27th International Supercross Geneva indoor track.

Supercross is a motorcycle racing sport involving off-road motorcycles on an artificially-made dirt track consisting of steep jumps and obstacles. Three compact track loaders and one excavator transformed the track over 2-1/2 days. The stakes were high, as time delays were not an option. The dependability of the machines was critical.

Jean-Luc Fouchet, manager of the JLFO company, was in charge of the construction of the track. “Using three compact track loaders, we can shape the obstacles very precisely. We can’t allow work to stop on the site, not even for an hour, and, thanks to Avesco Rent, when we’re working here in Geneva, we can sleep soundly at night,” he said.

To view of a video of the Cat machines in action sculpting the track, visit the Cat Rental Store‘s website.


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