CASE Announces New High Frequency Compactors

CASE-DV209HF-Compactor-500CASE’s new high frequency compaction equipment make it easier for road builders to do quality work. Their two models, Tier 4 Interim DV209 and DV210, are designed to maximize dial compaction performance. This makes it easier for construction workers to make each lift consistent in thickness and density.

Engine Innovation

Complete with Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Diesel Oxidation Catalyst Engines, both asphalt compactors include the latest in high-efficiency Tier 4 technology. As a result, these compactors are more fuel efficient than their predecessors and much of the competition. In fact, you can improve your fuel efficiency by as much as 10 percent when you replace your older model compactors with the DV209 and DV210.

Sized for Success

CASE’s high-frequency, double-drum machines are suited for mid-size and large road projects due to their size and technology. Features include:

  • Operating weights of 21,030 pounds (D209) and 22,730 pounds (D2010)
  • Increased operator compartment maneuverability, which leads to greater visibility
  • New color monitor and operator interface
  • Optional ACEforce asphalt compaction technology, which standardizes measurements over different types of roads and conditions
  • Large water and fuel tanks, which allow for longer work days

High Frequency, More Power

No matter how thick or dense the lift requirements, the new models’ frequency range of between 42 and 55 hertz standard and 46 and 67 hertz high allows operators to rise to the occasion. The models include variable amplitude settings of .22 to .6 mm and .33 to .6 mm on the DV209 and DV210 respectively. Working together, the optimized frequency and amplitude allow the compactors to achieve greater performance on thinner and thicker lifts. Using the centrifugal force range of 15,736 to 21,582 pounds and 17, 535 to 26,977 pounds on the DV209 and DV210 respectively, the compactor can meet both lift thickness and compaction depth requirements.

Better Work Environment

The newly designed operator center for both the DV209 and DV2010 is crafted to improve both comfort and safety.

  • More room and a station that can turn and slide through the cab’s entire width means greater visibility of drum surfaces, edges, and spraying bars.
  • Well-placed and sizeable front and rear mirrors contribute to maximized visibility.
  • Better placement of operator controls results in a machine that’s simple to command.
  • Increased space equals comfortable operators, and comfortable operators are more productive.
  • A color monitor that features operational information and controls for speed, frequency, vibration, and sprinkler adjustments is embedded in the steering wheel, making it easier for operators to get vital updates.

Technologically Superior

Run either the DV209 or DV210 with ACEforce asphalt compaction technology. This software system provides accurate measurements; measurement-based information regarding speed, frequency, and amplitude; and analysis of historical results and performance.

Easy to Maintain

You can keep both the DV209 and DV210 going strong by easily accessing service areas from the ground and using CASE SiteWatch telematics.

Like all asphalt compactors, excavators, track loaders, and hydraulic excavators, the DV209 and DV2010 are built tough to ensure road construction is done right. However, CASE’s innovative technology and design ultimately results in overall superior performance.


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